While the colours run off the page

Didn't anybody tell you

Didn't anyone make you see

Well It's a hell of a time to decide

Who the hell you're supposed to be. 


If all you do is for tomorrow 

Then you're not living in today

And if all your pain is wasted

You'll have nothing 

New to say.. 


Wouldn't anybody love you

Wouldn't anyone set you free

For heavens sake it's time to decide

What in heavens name this all means


If all you do is fear the ending

Then all you end up with is fear

And if all your tears are wasted

You'll have nothing 

Thats sincere.. 


You say that you don't need this

Sweet little Mary Jane

You say that you don't need it

So little truth in what you say

You think nobodies watching 

But I caught you yesterday 

Trying to make sense of this image

While the colours run off the page

Maybe you'll see it better

When you get out of your own way



  • Nicholas Browning

    I'm not even gonna lie this is fantastic. A job well done to you good sir.

  • spilleronsheet

    Great words dear poet
    It sure is mustering up courage and let go the fear within

  • Robert Haigh

    An expressive poem, written with passion! Whether it be pure fiction or based on someone you know, it remains a good write!

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