What is love?


Love is the air that passes,
Once it touches, it falls
And crawls.
It opens with a written destiny on the scrolls.

Love is a sad song that makes you cry,
A sweet rhyme,
That makes you blush and all shy

Love is innocence of a child,
And love is passion of a mother.
Love is all you have left of your grandparents,
And love is the sacrifices of a man.
Love is all this and yet much more.

Love is a teardrop,..a tear of joy,
a tear of pain,
a tear of hope,
In the rain.

Love is in the air
The red roses bloom when it sees you
The heavens makes rainbow in memories of you
The stars I keep counting at night
In wonders of meeting the love of my life

Love is a teardrop,...a tear of compassion,
a tear of forgiveness,
a tear of concern,
The giving of freedom
as much as it burns

Love is cotton wool , a soft safe space
A hug and a kiss
an umbrella of bright feelings
Compassion and tenderness
The strength of a tree with the passion of a warming fire
There for you , a blanket of care

Love is a teardrop,..a tear of tenderness,
a tear of understanding,
a tear of truth,
though somethings hard,
I'm thinking of you

Love could last a lifetime, it could last a minute.
Love is to die for, it is also to cry for.
Open your eyes wide and see for yourselves
Love is everywhere and it does not care.
All love asks is for you to lay your feelings bare.

Love is beautiful
Love is happiness
Yet it makes me cry
One feels love is selfless
Then why make it comparable to warโ€™s outcry
Wonder what love is?
Is it like seasons happening with reasons
Or like a smile without any reason


Love is blossoming in air
I learn and inspire
As it blooms as beautiful flower
Love is like rainbows after the rain
Showing itโ€™s different hues
Someday itโ€™s rosy
Someday itโ€™s shady
A jealousy of green
A love in pink
Calmness as blue surrounds
White bringing peace inside
I wonder
Which colour love maybe
Then I realise
Love is nothing but amalgamation of human emotions in kindโ€ฆ

Love is a seed
If you let it grow inside of you
It will touch and colour everything in your life

love is a shared hatred
of sadness and misery

is the way
you sacrifice sleep
to watch your partner...


  • Suman_Bhattacharya

    is the way
    you sacrifice sleep
    to watch your partner...
    Wonderful words....Thanks for the share

  • Vamsi Sudha

    What an amazing illustration of this beautiful feeling !! Great One poet , fav it....

  • Adelodun Toheeb

    You have written good definitions about the subject matter'love'

  • Esria

    It describes an undescribable feeling mesmerisingly!

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