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Mirrors and Memories

Notice of absence from Robert Haigh
I am taking a break from MPS, for personal reasons. I do not know when I may return... not within the next month or so... maybe not at all, but hopefully I will be back some day. Best wishes to you all ~ Robert


Do mirrors have memories, and if so,

Do they sometimes weep at the sights they have seen?

I don't mean the ugly faces and out of shape bodies,

But rather, all the anger, and meanness, and deceit

That sometimes goes on behind closed doors.

Mirrors can witness a lifetime of such things;

Sometimes several lifetimes. So I wonder,

Do they ever shed a tear? Do they ever tell?

Or do they eventually break under the strain?





  • Goldfinch60

    Intriguing Robert, mirrors would have seen so many things.


    • Robert Haigh

      Thank you, Andy. Some people think mirrors have mystical powers. I doubt it, but it set me thinking.

    • Fay Slimm.

      What a unique notion re. mirrors seeing all - and how well you pen the questions of life behind walls where reflection hangs Robert - thanks for the treat of this read about mirrors and memories.

      • Robert Haigh

        Thank you, Fay. I have always been fascinated by mirrors - especially when two mirrors reflect multiple images from each other. They seem to create a world of their own.

      • Doggerel Dave

        If they could they would, I think Robert.
        Neat portrait of fallible humanity embodied in a mirror.
        Usual thanks for an interesting write.

        • Robert Haigh

          Thank you, Dave. Glad you enjoyed the read!

        • Teddy.15

          Wow, fabulous reflection if you excuse my pun dear Robert, maybe mirrors have eyes after all. I am not such a fan of the mirror I am quite afraid to see unwanted things in them. Like ghosts or even me. lol 🀣 on a serious note very very creative dear friend.πŸ€—

          • Robert Haigh

            Thank you, Teddy. Yes, mirrors seem mystical in a way. They are probably not, but they seem to be... lol!

          • dusk arising

            Wonderful question you pose today which led me to 'reflect' upon our human similarity to your question. For we do see many quite horrible, nasty events which torture our minds and bring us tears.... Maybe as poets we find an outlet for our pains and rage.

            • Robert Haigh

              Yes, I think you have something there, Dusk. What goes in (our eyes, ears and minds) is bound to affect us in some way. And I'm sure many people write poetry and prose as a kind of release. I would go so far as to say some of my own poetry might fall into that category. Thanks for the insightful comment!

            • Nicholas Browning

              I feel quite bad for my mirror. I've shown it many things no mirror should ever see.
              All jokes aside, it's a perfectly viable question in my book. Just what is a mirror, and how are we certain that it's ourselves that we're seeing? An intriguing write Robert.

              • Robert Haigh

                Mirrors are great things to have. Most of us use one every day - yet, they always lie! They show an inverted image of us and we never even stop to question it. Thanks for the comment. I'm glad you found this poem intriguing!

                • Nicholas Browning

                  You know, even your right hand has never touched your right elbow πŸ˜€
                  I'll leave now lol.
                  Anytime Robert!

                • L. B. Mek

                  maybe, in their unshed tears
                  we're offered, that reflective clarity
                  to view ourselves, wholly
                  if only
                  we could be, brave enough
                  to do so, with sincerity...
                  (one of those reads
                  that's written
                  so accessible and relatable
                  its succinct simplicity, detracts
                  from its depthless brevity)
                  a genuinely
                  thought provoking, read
                  thanks for sharing, Rob

                  • Robert Haigh

                    I'm glad this poem provoked some thoughts for you, Mek! Thank you for reading and commenting!

                  • orchidee

                    Doh! My mirror broke. I asked 'Who is the prettiest of them all?' It replied 'Dunno; but you're the ugliest!' heehee.
                    And - erm, it's not our selves we see - it's a reflection. lol.

                    • Robert Haigh

                      Indeed, Orchi - we never see our true selves in a mirror! Probably just as well... lol! Thanks for the comment!

                    • Munro

                      Robert ,
                      I wrote a strange song last year , funnily enough ,called
                      Ghosts in the mirror
                      This guy see all these dead people he used to know in the mirror
                      I like your mirror poem , I suppose people are human mirrors we look at them in a certain way and they reflect what your face has on it lol

                      • Robert Haigh

                        Thank you for your interesting comment, Stuart. Mirrors always seem to have their own mystery, I would say.

                      • Neville

                        I have a thing about mirrors myself .. and often wonder along very similar lines .. gave up looking in them yonks back just in case ....................... N

                        • Robert Haigh

                          Yes, I heard an old saying, back when I was a child, that said if you look into a mirror long enough you will see the devil looking back at you over your shoulder. Put me right off looking in mirrors for a while! Thanks for the comment, Nev.

                        • katie the naughty poet

                          Thought-inspiring words. Thank you for sharing.

                          • Robert Haigh

                            Thank you, Katie, for reading and commenting!

                          • Lorna

                            oooo Robert - I've seen some pretty scary movies about just this... all the horrors the mirrors have seen! But then - what about the young girls and boys primping for their first date! That's a happy thought.....

                            • Robert Haigh

                              I'm sure mirrors are just mirrors, at the end of the day, Lorna, but there are superstitions concerning them. Yes, there have been a few horror films involving mirrors. One thing I do know about mirrors: they become less kind as you get older... lol! Thank you for reading and commenting!

                              • Lorna

                                You have to sneak up on them to catch yourself in the best light.....

                              • Accidental Poet

                                One thought Robert- what if an alternate dimension has us looking back at us while wondering the same question. Two- what if its our lost loved ones on the other side of the mirror with a smile for us?
                                Wonderful thought provoking write Robert. πŸ‘

                                • Robert Haigh

                                  Mirrors can conjure up all manner of intriguing ideas. I suppose they have done so for centuries. Your thoughts added here are just two examples. Mystic mirrors... I wonder? Thank you, my friend, for reading, and for adding your thoughts here.

                                  • Accidental Poet

                                    Thank you, Robert, for the thought-provoking ideas. πŸ‘

                                  • SureshG

                                    Yes mirrors see a lot and if they break will the shards tell a different story. Loved the poem and the imagery you have enveloped us.

                                    • Robert Haigh

                                      Thank you, Suresh. Mirrors play a big part in many peoples' lives. Perhaps we leave a trace of ourselves in the mirror every time we look into in?

                                    • spilleronsheet

                                      What an intriguing question
                                      What an interesting topic
                                      Now I feel the mirror is surveilling
                                      I thought I was alone
                                      But it’s watching my actions, my emotions
                                      A very good one dear Robert

                                      • Robert Haigh

                                        Thank you, SOS. I'm glad this poem provoked some interesting thoughts!

                                      • Gwennie Jewel SAMPΓ‰

                                        Thoughtful , haunting image. Indeed, what energy do we leave on things we touch.

                                        • Robert Haigh

                                          Thank you for reading and commenting. I'm glad this poem got you thinking!

                                        • Rozina

                                          A fascinating poem, thank you. (Some cultures believe that a certain placement of mirrors brings positive energy and luck).

                                          • Robert Haigh

                                            Yes, I think many people consider mirrors to have some kind of mystic power or energy. Thank you for reading and commenting!

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