Second chance

<span;>A second chance,  what should I do
<span;>Is this a thing I give to you ?
<span;>The first time ended in despair
<span;>My heart was broken, did you care .

<span;>The time I spent when you  left
<span;>Was cold and lonely,  I was bereft.
<span;>I thought about you everyday
<span;>Couldn't speak but so much to say

<span;>I wondered if you thought of me
<span;>And I  just wanted to be free
<span;>Of sadness, hurt and missing you
<span;>There was nothing I could do.

<span;>I tried to hate you  didn't want to feel
<span;>Tried to wrap my heart in steel
<span;>Then just one message changed it all
<span;>That's all it took,  I began to fall

<span;>I have to hope that truth will win
<span;>No more pretending ,  trust begins
<span;>I know that sometimes the truth hurts
<span;>But every time a  lie is worse.

<span;>I want a future here with you
<span;>I need for you to just be true
<span;>It will take work but I'm prepared
<span;>To give it a chance although I'm scared

<span;>Last time was hard,  and left its mark
<span;>But light can shine right through the dark
<span;>Hope is there that we can share
<span;>I'm here for you,   my love laid bare

<span;>A second chance,  what should I do
<span;>Is worth a try to see it through
<span;>Now here we are,  you're back  with me
<span;>You make me smile,  my heart is free


<span;>We'll work this out ,  strength is mine
<span;>I won't give  up, not like last time
<span;>This just means too much to me
<span;>It's up to us now,  truth's the key


  • Vamsi Sudha

    Nice one Poet !!

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