Paul Bell

The Boots

You look great in those boots

But can you walk

Walk all over me

Straight up to your thighs

One kiss and I’ll surely die

Come on, give me the eye

No point asking why

Okay, I want inside you

Five hundred dollars doesn’t lie

You can say you love me

That way, we’ll both get by

Life is so short between your thighs

Do you feel it

Deep inside

Makes you want to cry

I know you hate me

But you made the pact

Now it’s time to act

You look great in those boots

But can you walk

Walk all over me

Now it’s the talking part

Two strangers, heart-to-heart

Truths and lies

Smoke and why’s

I need to see you in my mind, you’ll get me through the tough times

You need the money

Seems rather funny, no money where I’m going

How about you, kids and all

How we fall

Two people in the night

Just getting through

As you do

Your boots on the floor

The last glimpse as I close the door.

It’s raining, death on the hill

No time for the final kill

You did look great in those boots

Will you walk for the final time

All over me.


  • Garth Rakumakoe

    Highlights the things money can and cannot buy, give, or take even, doesn't it? It is very thought provoking and gives a closer look at some of our social ills. A compelling read sir. Through & through.

    • Paul Bell

      Money, just another commodity, but he was going off to war.

    • Lorna

      Loved the last stanza ......

      • Paul Bell

        Aw, the poor lad died.

      • Teddy.15

        Full of cheer as usual dear Paul. Jokes aside this is dark and your last stanza goose bumps. You certainly have the nack of raising eye brows dear friend. Are you a veteran? Just being nosey.

        • Paul Bell

          Me and Orchi, we were in the Charge of the light brigade. lol

        • Draven

          Nice work! This oddly reminds me of a dark take of a KISS song...

          • Paul Bell

            Strangely enough, she did wear a lot of makeup.

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