The End


This is the end 

Time is beginning to bend

They've wore out all the trends

All the taking of what the earth lends

No intention of ever returning sends

Nature into a frenzy, hurricane force winds

Birds and Ash fall from the sky 

Just like the reverend 

Spoke of in his fire and brimstone mind

Too little to late to bother with our kind

Demons and devil's stand side to side

 their hellborn tanks with the gears that grind

 Rapiers and bastard blades combined

 Cutting through father's, brothers, mothers, and sisters sons and daughters leaving no one behind

 What have we concocted in our unholy minds

 All the innocent animals beckon and cry

 For pity as they don't know why

 They didn't agree to the greed,

 Nor did they try

 Smoke filled lungs Can't even speak to cry

 For help nor mercy oh my

 The air is so burned it's dry

 Like dragons tearing across the sky

 I just watch and sigh.

  • Author: mdrogers (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 6th, 2021 15:15
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Coyote

    A powerful, nightmarish, apocalyptic vision of a not so impossible future. Excellent write!

    • mdrogers

      Thank you very much

    • L. B. Mek

      the cascading speed and power
      of your waterfall words
      of eloquence and emoted despair
      is breathtakingly, majestic..
      what a poetic achievement
      you must be so proud
      of penning this work, even
      if you would rather
      swap never having gone through
      or witnessed
      the experiences, that helped inspire you..
      thank you! for choosing to share
      (its not easy, to survive modernity
      and still aspire, to find the good
      in being a decent family man)

      • mdrogers

        Thank you. I appreciate that.

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