kitty the naughty poet

Depression waves crash
against the rocky cliff,
gnawing at the skin,
walls built to block emotions
have holes that seep
now stuck in the sands of life
unable to return to the oceans of sorrow

I hate myself,I wish I was dead
These are the thoughts inside of my head
Every day
Every night
I hope to find,if only a light
And for me to live another day,
another day I'll wish to die,
and hope to find myself drifting away
Into the heavens with an Angels cry

Sorrows knife stabs,
unwanted, wrenching pain,
wail in the winds of haunted thoughts
spilling sorrow about broken minds.
blackened clouds hang low,
calling a resentment of words
entwined, encircling creativity like a vice

This will be my last and final poem
These words I leave,
the only possessions I truly own
will come from my heart and be my very own.
I now take it up myself to enter into a different zone
So goodbye to my loved ones and all I have known
The coup is empty,this bird has flown,
for life is just a loan
Your welcome to visit me at my stone
Where I decay into rotting bone

With razor blade smiles
their laughter slices deep
destroying my mind
stealing my sleep
nowhere to hide
from me myself and I
you're worthless unloved
each word a serpent, poisonous lie.

Words turn to ash in my mouth
choking me,
filling my lungs with desperation
while my emotions strangle themselves
like a vice
now there's no emotion left to swallow
just the sour noose of crippling hope
laced with doubt that encircling my neck
cutting off my brain's oxygen
but I stay here, and I cry,
patiently waiting.....
for my emotions to die.

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