Fake Smiles

You never see our depression 

just the happiness we fake 

for your approval expression 


Fake smiles create the illusion of happiness 

as I laugh when I tell you to stop 

 tight wounds surround our emptiness 

when you stand at the top 


I wish I could be happy like you 

the girl with the "perfect" life 

I just smile through it all 

Fake smiles of course 


little children with their masks on 

hoping they don't break 

they want to be happy forever 

but their sadness is only raked 


with one blow of the wind 

their masks are blown off 

and then shows their true colors 

as their happiness flies off 



    After reading you doubt am I whether to wear it or not. Thanks a lot for such a nice piece of poetry

    • Younique

      No Problem!

    • Rozina

      Very true. A good one.

      • Younique


      • geekslutnerdgirl

        So true. I think we all have felt this way at some point, some of us more than others. That’s why i write… to express my true feelings.

        • Younique

          thank you !

        • L. B. Mek

          we're supposed to mask
          what we cherish most
          but sadly
          since our knowledge of self
          is so chaotic
          we end-up masking, those traits
          we hate the most
          a vicious cycle, where
          we feign happiness
          while internalising
          our need for help..
          (such a relatable write,
          thanks for sharing)

          • Younique

            Thank you for sharing too!

          • spilleronsheet

            A very relatable piece my dear friend
            shattered and broken we felt
            We thought we are glass that broke around
            We forgot sand where sea strikes
            Yet those sand scatter to build beach beside
            Though its hard to speak
            It’s hard to make understand
            But penning them can start healing
            Your the best my dear friend
            And your poetry is so beautiful and truthful
            It carries the freshness
            Speak and shout as much as you want
            Let your words spill on the sheet

            • Younique

              thank you

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