Her Heart

If only you could see her heart
it blooms like a summer day
she'll tug a your strings
she'll melt you heart away
she's the true meaning of pure light
a heart made a glass some might say
But to me she makes me feel alright
in a hopeful way
Her heart is as warm as hot chocolate on a snowy day
Skin as soft as a blanket in the night
eyes as brown and beautiful as nature's ground
On top of her head lays the most beautiful crown
I can't explain how beautiful she is
because she won't allow me to go on
but her heart lights every time she smiles
and it makes me stay more for a while

Her heart is filled with so much love
Within,..a beacon of hope
For one to care for so many
In their despair,her heart most pure than even the pope
Her beautiful heart is a beacon of hope,a beacon of light
She's travelled the worlds poorest countries,held the contagiously diseased in her arms as she pray for them
This is the heart of a Saint

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