hidden pose

the warm sunlight on my skin

the comfortable burn

I pose.

the whiter skin seeking the sun

rolls peaking under the shirt

cliff and hills leave shadows on my thigh

raising head to prevent any other chin

I contort, suck in, hold

I pose.

I pose for you.

The blind. 

here I am yet you don't see

and you never will

I can only suck so much

No tears of mine achieve

the ugly brain now lost in the crowd

I am not special.

not pretty, not smart, not anything

why would I attract the blind man

past the body, the mind just as vile and vice

craving love so much it repels

never to be touched

the independency once accepted proudly

now heavily suffocates

I am not the main character

I am the fool.

scenarios in my head keep life interesting

but that's it

just a scenario

when is the side character killed off

in life never, they just stay 

suffering day by day

the comic relief at their pain

it's not yours

it's the nameless background extra 301

just like them, it is my turn to fade into the background

blind black nothing,

my meaning

just keep quiet 

there's no addition to your words

you can't change anything 

you aren't mysterious

not unique

stop acting all pretentious

you aren't even named in this story of life

live onwards towards nothing

let the track run with me numbly behind

it is out of your hands

enjoy the scenery

background you are, invisible you return to. 


  • screaming goat.

    I love and relate to this. Just remember, if you can't be a main character now, make your own story.

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