We Call It Poetry


With poetry--

A lonely woman 
can write about her lover 
on valentine's day. 
She can describe his most endearing traits 
line upon line upon line--
                               as if...he existed.

A young girl 
can share her deepest erotic thoughts, 
demonstrating an ability 
to take the reader's hand
and guide them with her words,
leaving them satiated--
but only 
if she's skilled enough.

For those depressed 
and those searching 
to release their pain--
It's a bloodletting.

They've been raped,
they've been bullied,
ignored and even wounded. 
The dark side held them too long.

They need you to listen 
or simply just notice they're alive. 
They may wonder if writing 
is all a fruitless endeavor
when their written cries for help
go unnoticed.

But behind poetry's walls...

A man can offer us a character, 
from a fictitious town
that resembles trees, sidewalks, 
roads and even paths 
of his own treasured youth. 

An adolescent can share a broken heart 
with a seemingly invisible world. 
He/she can release all the angst, 
tear by tear, 
until the poem has ended--
         for now. 

Poetry is a haven 
for ideas, rants, memories or thoughts 
that otherwise would go unheard by most.
The family simply wouldn't understand.  

It is a platform 
for those skilled or unskilled; 
for those confident 
and those apprehensive; 
for those that standout 
and those whose computer 
is their only escape. 

Some here,
have painstakingly learned 
poetry has its elements: 
meter, rhyme, metaphor, and more.
As for others, 
form, cadence, line breaks... 
are all unimportant.

The prolific and the obscene;
those with morals 
and those without;
religious; atheists...
they're all involved.

People have left poetry 
for greener pastures, 
only to re-emerge 
days, weeks, or even years later
when the writer needed another ear 
to listen to all he/she wanted to say.

It is a source of frustration, 
joy and confusion, 
all mentioned into one place.

It is your yesteryear, your today, 
and all your tomorrows. 

It's a percentage of your life, 
your time and your thoughts. 
It consists of creation
and destruction.

It's a statement; it's a confession.
It's a voice that understands;
It's a disciplinarian that doesn't.
It's a welcome sign.
It's a keep out sign.
It's a microcosm of continents 
and far off cultures.
It's a ghost from the past.
It's a community.
It's a small town.
It's a lyrical lagoon.

It's's's us
sailing within
our own private harbor.

And we call it

© 2021 Relic


  • orchidee

    Good write R. Yes, all sorts!.

    • Relic

      Thanks very much, orchidee. πŸ˜€

    • Teddy.15

      I call this outstanding poetry. πŸ’–

      • Relic

        You're very kind, Teddy, thank you.

      • Rozina

        Absolutely agree with your sentiments, so elegantly put.

        • Relic

          Thanks, Rozina. πŸ™‚

        • Goddess of the Mist

          SO good! Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed this and know I'll read it again!

          • Relic

            I appreciate your comment, Goddess. Thank you.

          • spilleronsheet

            It’s an epic
            Which contour you left
            Which person you missed
            This poetry engulfs all emotions
            All ages
            And all creeds
            The intentions, the feels
            A marvel indeed
            That’s called a poetry woven with all feels
            Well done dear poet
            Everyone here is surely pleased
            Thanks for sharing such beautiful lines
            Adorning the eyes
            While reading and feeling connected to each and every line

            • Relic

              Many thanks to you, my friend. πŸ˜€

            • L. B. Mek


              'Poetry is a haven
              for ideas, rants, memories or thoughts
              that otherwise would go unheard by most.'

              'It is your yesteryear, your today,
              and all your tomorrows.
              It's a percentage of your life,
              your time and your thoughts.'

              'It's a statement
              it's a confession.
              It's a voice that understands'

              • Relic

                Thank you very much, L.B. πŸ˜€

              • Neville

                Bravo, you just nailed poetry my friend .. N

                • Relic

                  Thanks very much, Neville. πŸ™‚

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