L. B. Mek

of Commute’s, as Muse



Trick to life, has always been

in finding a way, to transmute

our chores

in-to pleasant experiences

for all the rest, we’ve always had

milkshakes and alcohol

to look forward to.


Driving, a chore I love

yet far - till peace, is once more

in reach;

motorway’s cascade, lateral 


humanity / tipped, horizontal 


lingering, work thought’s

ambition’s hopes

did, Armando call

should text, check

act a friend, or at least



‘Hey, yeah I’ve left already

sorry, sure - sure

first thing, Tomorrow.’

I’m apologising

for not: being sorry. 

Easy - making promises

to a future

that’s, full of uncertainty.


M25 typical, motorway jam

never, been sweet

but definitely sticky, a situation 

at a quarter, to any Sunset hour

bumbler to bumper

ghost face, to glare

we hobble along, knowing

‘we’, are the lucky ones.


How I love, feel of smooth leather

mindlessly caressing, a Stoic wheel

into Epicurean, gaiety

tapping pedals, with subtlety

coasting speed set to smooth, lulling 

from 1st gear to neutral

brake pedal, feeling neglected 


my one gift in life

has always been

keeping – distance; 


(till my desperation 

has me diving, mindlessly


I crash in, to fate’s 

shallow-end, predictably).


Winter’s scenes, snowflakes

teasing, but mere rain droplets

at arrival to windscreen’s 

that: tap-tap – tap-tap – tap-tap

white noise, serenade

making me feel like I’m at one 

with my placid heart,


turning on-to, side roads

one hand, easing 

around familiar potholes 

radio on, ignored 

drowning out City life’s


cacophonous, orchestra



siren’s, bus doors, loud speakers

all duelling for superiority 

in their pavement level

class wars.


Window shopping, haphazardly

to stay alert

can’t help, but gaze

at such elaborate 

decorations and lights, thinking

far too many people 

make an easy living

by perpetuating:

unattainable dreams.


A few more brake pedal, taps

and my parking fun, can begin

will there be space

for a change


a quick check, suggests

my Timing’s

looking dicey, rolled a fifty/50

true to form, tick-tock

gonna have to squeeze-in 


Around, society’s block.


‘Hey, yeah I’m near 

just minutes away, why



yeah, think corner shop

should have that…’


Park, walk

enter, grab

a ‘hi’ - a ‘can’t complain’ 

a swipe, a beep

a pay, wince

a nodding ‘thx’

and quick, exit

hurried steps, in 6th gear;


I smell ~ comfort

soon as I, jostle open door

a pause

a sipped, sweet - sigh

to accompany a smile

for, I’ve made it home

once more.



© L. B. Mek

December 2021


  • woundedheart

    Humanity / tipped horizontally. .. windscreen world a new perspective a letterbox veiw of the world beyond the ever expanding horizons of our own expectations. Love this. ☺

    • L. B. Mek

      what a generous comment,
      'a letterbox view of the world'
      is a very apt tagline, for this write
      thank you!

    • spilleronsheet

      A wind just greeted me
      A letter dropped by
      Pinging a notification that a poetry released by
      I went through the lines
      That took me on a scene
      Maybe it was a usual meet
      A usual hi
      A simple drive
      But that wasn’t the scene
      Th lines got me takeaways
      Promises In midst of uncertainties hooked me
      Maybe that kept me stuck for so long
      The scenes so vivid
      As if I was seating in passenger’s seat
      Watching it happening in front of my eyes
      The feel so real
      Amazing dear Mek

      • L. B. Mek

        lol, I Iove your enthusiasm my friend
        thank you!
        for such an encouraging comment

      • Nilanjana

        till my desperation has me diving, mindlessly blinded I crash in, to fate’s
        shallow-end, predictably.....

        Fabulous line

        • L. B. Mek

          thank you, what a supportive comment
          (and yes, I think that's a more common trait
          in people this days
          we're told not: to settle, so we wait
          till it's too late
          then we dive-in, blind
          because those same, people
          are telling us, if we don't - act
          we'll miss out, completely...)
          'catch-22', only
          not so much fun, when it's not
          a fictional story, lol

        • Rozina

          Love this poem. That's actually happening as we drive slowly home in the traffic jam.

          • L. B. Mek

            'a traffic jam, poetic serendipity'
            glad you enjoyed the read
            thank you! kind poet

          • kitty the naughty poet

            M25 typical, motorway jam

            never, been sweet

            but definitely sticky, a situation 

            at a quarter, to any Sunset hour

            bumbler to bumper

            ghost face, to glare

            we hobble along, knowing

            ‘we’, are the lucky ones.

            My favourite verse.
            I really enjoyed reading this piece you have a way with words 😊

            • L. B. Mek

              well 'ghost face to glare'
              should be an image, that most
              can relate to, during commutes... lol
              (what an encouraging comment
              to receive, especially
              from a writer of your calibre,
              thank you, you've made my day!)

              • kitty the naughty poet

                and now you just made my day with your lovely comment. I cant wait to read more of your work

              • Teddy.15

                This makes me smile and cry, absolutely gorgeous, love the song too,and for the past 20 years has meant so much. I won't be driving home this year,but soon again I will... You brought so much emotion with this, Merry Christmas dearest Mek. Ps I could never miss the M25 though

                • L. B. Mek

                  ah kind friend, there's a small part of me
                  that's at peace, in just knowing
                  there's still a few people like you
                  in the world..
                  with the utmost sincerity, I thank you
                  for the warmth you imbue
                  into everything you ink,
                  Merry Christmas!
                  to you and your family, dear Poetess

                • dusk arising

                  Oh that road has so much to answer for .... did i say road, no parking lot.

                  Yes driving is a pleasure i too enjoy. Gone are the rush to keep business appointments etc, now its leisure.

                  • L. B. Mek

                    wonderful, glad you enjoyed the read Dusk
                    and yes, driving would be much better
                    if it didn't come with its parking lot, drama

                  • Paul Bell

                    Driving to the shops for Christmas, I think she'll love that dress. Driving back to the shops in January, She didn't like that dress. What do women like.

                    • L. B. Mek

                      'gift vouchers'
                      but, trick is
                      so you won't be blamed for being
                      lazy and insensitive
                      you've gotta do the groundwork
                      and find out, her 'Latest'
                      'All time' favourite shop..
                      that or Jewellery,
                      (there's a strict no return's policy
                      on 'All things, fabulously glitzy')
                      even if it doesn't fit, all that matters
                      is that it looks pretty...
                      (see, with modern
                      progressive minded people, like us
                      chauvinism, is well and truly
                      a thing to not worry about...)

                      • Paul Bell

                        I'm on it.

                      • Goldfinch60

                        We have so many gifts in our lives Mek and we must appreciated them all.


                        • L. B. Mek

                          so very true, each little one
                          to make the whole, that gifts us
                          our smiles...
                          thanks Andy

                        • Neville

                          I note I am number ten .. and that is precisely what I award you sir 10//10

                          just to make ya green with envy tho .. I counted two cars & a cyclist that used the little one way lane that runs past my cottage yesterday ............... I was waiting for the postman, sad innit ......... N

                          • L. B. Mek

                            huh, miles apart
                            but experiencing an alien's existence...
                            but then, that's the eclectic beauty
                            in our beloved Blighty, innit
                            (thank you, Hyung
                            that's my very first 10/10
                            in life
                            how fitting, I receive such a gift
                            from someone I admire and respect
                            so very much!)

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