To love and to be loved...

Oh to love and be loved...what a desirable and desperate feeling
To be the warmth of the sun while wanting to feel the shine of the moon on your skin...
Skin that may have gotten too many marks, bruises, scars...
That in the end may never fade away but scars are making us beautiful...except for the ones you can see
Or the ones that you have from your past...from pain or from bad decisions,they all scar
But even pain is beautiful, the ugly life the urge to never exist anymore ,to be alone, it s beautiful in it s own way
Cause what s beauty without a little bit of pain...
That s what love is, a feeling where you want lonliness but you also wanna be held
Where you want to see the angels but the devil s more comforting
Love is a way of expressing what you want and what you need ,a mix of emotions, good and bad that make you see a person like your everything
But everything must come to an end and maybe that was ours ,but we shouldn't end or at least I don t want to
You know when I dream again of feeling a warm touch that s not just from mercy but from that thing we call love,that empty feeling that comes from the heart, I imagine it as you
Cause being loved by you meant everything to me,you meant everything to me but was I at least something for you?
Oh to love and be loved...I wish our hearts would beat the same again...

To love is to be alive
To be loved is to feel alive
To be both is to be in heaven

Love is a promise,Love is a souvenir
When there is love,there is life.

Love is born with life
Life is born from love

To be loved even to give it or show it it's the most amazing feeling, to me all the way from my toes to the ceiling, love is just the most beautiful thing,all around that best feeling!

Can it be found anywhere in the universe?
Anywhere in the universe where there is no life to love?
No life to be loved?

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