Best Friend vs. Girlfriend

Anna Colette

I feel like an idiot. 

His best friend keeps switching his actions and getting in the way

One day, he doesn't talk to us at all

The next, he's cutting me off so he can talk 

He dictates what my boyfriend does, 

He almost controls him. 

And I don't know what to do

I try to talk, he cuts me off 

But when I leave because I get so fed up with him, 

My boyfriend questions and gets a little angry. 

I am stuck in the middle

Trying to make sure I don't force my boyfriend to choose between his girlfriend or his best friend 

But it's getting so hard 

To keep dealing with his asshole best friend 

That has no respect for me and half the time acts like I'm his girlfriend too. 

What do I do? 

  • Author: Anna Colette (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 21st, 2021 10:30
  • Comment from author about the poem: Lately, this has been consuming my life and I don't know what to do about it. Does anyone have advice?
  • Category: Friendship
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  • Draven

    That sounds like a tricky situation. Is it something that you can discuss with your boyfriend? And if the friend is acting like you are HIS girlfriend too, this is a big no-no, sounds like there is not a lot of respect going on there.

  • dusk arising

    LOL your post reads like a letter to an agony aunt. Tell your boyfriend you only really want to see him when the other guy isn;t around. Unless he is secretly bisexual there will be things he needs fron you that he will find time no MAKE time to be with you. If he doesn't then he doesn't caere enough for you .... move on, you deserve better.

  • Paul Bell

    I would dump the two of them, they're obviously meant to be together.
    Though, wait to see what your Christmas present is first.

  • screaming goat.

    Try to tell your boyfriend he's kind of controlling him, and maybe he will see what the best friend is doing to you.

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