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Won't always be on this, so if I don't post for months I'm fine

Scrolling through instagram on a warm summer day seeing all these girls with perfect bodies, clear skin, perfect smiles  and perfect lives while im behind the screen with my ugly body, acne covered face, crooked smile and a messed life and wondering if what people say is true that "im beautful" and "perfect" cause every time i look in a mirror all i see are imperfections, my jaw is too wide or my eyes are too bright maybe my thighs are too big or maybe its my nose shaped like pigs , cause while ppl live there perfect lives I'll be behind the screen crying my tears wondering why i cant be the  perfect and beautiful people see in me


  • dusk arising

    The perfect few are just a few. I know about feeling ugly and imperfect. I was brought up to have low self esteem, I saw it in my siblings too. It's not till you let people see you for what you are with all your perfect imperfections and share your interests and loves with people that you will realise you have worth, that you are worthy of their liking you, the real you. Then maybe you'll start liking who you are...
    Learning to love yourself is important. Many relationships fail because people don't love themselves enough. They start to feel unworthy and with that comes a fear of losing someone and all sorts of problems follow.
    Be kind to yourself. Theres only one you, no one else is like you inside or out. AND you are a child of the universe with as much right to be here as the stars and the trees.

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