The time pass on,

7 cigarettes been done.

Red line not yet to be drawn.


Tired of waiting,

I painted hell, on your canvas of nothing.


Luring you in a sick play of sins,

Pride, Lust, Greed,

Whichever you’d like, darlin’

Let me take you to my labyrinth of needs.


A maze made by trails of filthy kisses,

Decorated by blooming marks;

The silent witness.


As tempting as red apple;

A forbidden fruit of heaven.


One bite,

And you’ll fall, as the juice of sins splattering your lips.

Two bites,

And you’re tainted, by the juice of sins dripping down your mouth.


Why do you stop? Come, bite more.

Knew you wouldn’t resist to taste such sins.


Easy, baby.

I see those flaming lust on your eyes.

Easy, baby.

You’re too greedy for lust, so unwise.


Let’s start,

Shall we?

I allow you

To play me as you like,

I allow you

To bend me as you wish.


Make me pretty; dolled-up for you.

Only for you.


What’s with that twisted smile, so dirty!

Such a matter,

To have me under your mercy?

Pride, yet, master?


To make you addicted to sins,

It’s too easy.


Trapped into a false sense of pride,

As you have me on my knees, or perhaps, tied?

Oh, master,

Do you think you’re the real master?


Such a shame that you don’t remember,

That I was the one who offered,

And this maze is what I master.


My play, my rules.

And you’re just a play on this maze I rules.


  • Author: Achanta (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 22nd, 2021 03:36
  • Comment from author about the poem: I originally wrote it for my poem assignment on my Literary Appreciation class, and the feedback I got was pretty amazing, therefore I upload it here for you all to enjoy my writings.
  • Category: Erotic
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  • mdrogers

    good imagery. i liked it

    • Achanta

      thank you so much. glad that you enjoyed reading it

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