Keep Breathing


 It took  me  camping  and revamping  to realize  life may sometimes be  a long bad day but if you allow it,  it will began amping up
No one stays low forevermore
Sometimes you  just have to unbolt the door.
There's a light maybe not in death but in life
Sometimes  you just need a little  strife
With all bad moments there come good hours
You just  have to knock at the tower
It may provide some  power
Just enough to  continue
So you don't end up on the worms menu
Or just a maggots venue.
Checking out  limits your choices
No matter if you've been forged in fire
Or are plagued by voices
You've made it halfway
What else can I say
It's downhill from here
There's no one left to steer you down the right path
No one left to teach you math
Your only other choice is to get a  catheter or a colostomy bag
Trying to  check out now would  be a drag
No grandkids to see
Nothing left to be
Fertilizer for a tree
Is that your goal
Being  food for a pole
I'm  not sure but everytime it happened to me I just saw dark
No light leading to st Peter's Park
No gates no angels
Just a mess for your family  left tangled
It can get worse
Your last car ride is in a hearse
Formaldehyde  in your veins so you look pretty and don't burst
Is that your dream
When your casket reams
The 6 foot hole
Full of moles and voles
Roots and clay
Sure  this isn't the way
You pictured it that day
When you  slit your wrists
Or the heroin whose dose you missed
Can't stop it  now
Your already in the ground.

  • Author: mdrogers (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 23rd, 2021 06:54
  • Category: Unclassified
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