This Christmas


O Christmas is dawning

Sure and sure like the morning

Standing to stake chances and lotto

As the pilgrims sing joyfully on their way to grotto


This Christmas, those who perm must hit a jackpot

After-beaches, parlors and many happiness be sought


Like in the best case scenario,

This Christmas shall open to our jubilee

Leaving traces of smile along

Happy moments mov’n from house to house

Tree to tree, here and there like a pandemic


Incoming visitors, come with Champaign

Get off you red wines, getting me somber

Sparkling bottles and biting whiskies

A glass of lemonade doing ourselves good


If I owe, I will pay this December

That’s the deal, can be broken so remember

cos the clock reads tic toc tic toc like the former

But runs silently this December


This Christmas, expecting the harmattan

Mist and her Decemberly fog

Temperatures Fahrenheit the love for the season

Tis the changing weather with less reason


In a blink, and the northern breeze

The cold, these blankets call for extra

O this Christmas, longings that never cease


Many shall compare with many

And only few shall see the difference; only few


Rest, and dress well, mother hen

This Christmas, keep your cool

We visit the bleating pen

For there is enough, enough wool


Souls with meaning, meaning to life

Only a call, Out of hand, out of sight,

But never out of memory


Get some roses, color this Christmas

Bow’n like Moses, a ceremonial servant

This Christmas goes sightseeing

A toast by the way-side café

Or exclaim

‘’an outing can bring some healing’’


For this Christmas is passing soon

And be replac’d by the dying moon


Is this Christmas about Mary?

Then the occasion is for merry


This Christmas, we shall hold hands with love

Walk’n the streets, each turning a criminal

Criminals the more, but not of law

cos everyone shall steal one look and another


Walk about, go gay and shout

Joy aloud, as boxes and giving abound,

Happiness come all announced


I remain civil

This Christmas, every sleeping eye shall dream

And every dreaming man; let him work


cos all cliffs lower,

Lower like the sower

And when everything is over

We shall hang pictures, and say; goodbye

 This Christmas, comes not again

  • Author: cofhypieces (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 23rd, 2021 17:59
  • Comment from author about the poem: A poem for the season. lets fill this season with memories for a lifetime
  • Category: Special occasion
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  • screaming goat.

    This is my favorite Christmas poem I have seen so far.

    • cofhypieces

      a pleasure screaming goat....we keep polishing and getting better every day

    • Osei Zion

      Great work

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