katie the naughty poet

Pleasures song

Let my body be your instrument
play your song upon my skin
singing sweet melodies of desire
rhythms love of words
use my body as your guitar
stroke the strings of my fantasies
set the base up high
vibrating in intricate places
have my body as your piano
flick the keys of pleasure
within this song of torturous treasures

Like the greatest composers known
I draw your aching cries,your screams,your moans
Like The God of guitar I ravage your strings
My teeth bite,my toung flickers,your heart sings
I play you in every possible position I can muster
Drawing from deep within,your musics luster
My fingers like legs of a millipede
Dancing across your quivering keys
to pleasures symphonies

Fingers in harmonic unison,
running up and down your spine,
making thy vocal organ sing
sweet songs
in such sweet moans of ecstasy.
Taking note by note
as unadulterated permission,
to play seeking the key to
complete submission.
Heart strings plunked labia trimmed
and aching buttocks beaten
an orchestral accompaniment to the illicit
Selacious choral songs
begging unseen Gods
for MORE.

Take me to your darkest parts,
your haunted memories.
Show me where you hide the pain,
where others can not see!!
Love is here, so have no fear,
it's light will set you free.
Guide me deep inside your heart,
whenever that may lead.
If I show you my music,
the playlist that keeps my heart beating,
and my outlook bright
I am sharing with you,
the part of my deepest secret inner world
And have found you worthy,
to peer into my well being.

To pleasures symphonies my fingers dance
Across your keys
fulfilling your pleads
to bring you to your orgasmic trance
Up and down vibrating your strings
drawing sounds never heard before
and your juices flowing evermore
as vibrations flutter through your wings

The body is a temple bliss...
From head to toe we want to kiss...
The soul is who we are within..
The body formed, we tempt with sin..
The pleasures of the mind comes out..
With lust and angry words we shout.
The body mind and soul is one..
I hope you like this stanza pun.


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