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SCHOOL RAGS (Short story)


Sabu and his beloved wife stood near the altar of that ancient church, consecrated in the name of St.George. None of his relatives were present during the baptizing ceremony of Annie, his one and only daughter, except me.

‘Sabu, bring her up like a devout Christian...,,’ he tried to recollect the only request put forth by his mother in law, that too in her death bed. ‘Let her grow up as a God fearing girl...,,’ poor woman closed her eyes.

He was forced to do so since he is a Hindu and Suja Xavier, his beloved wife, is a Christian. She is working as a highly paid nurse in one of the high profile Hospitals in Florida. He didn't have a permanent job and poor man was donning days just like a parasite. 

‘Stupid love affair!’ he cursed his financial insecurity....

Poor man was completely aware of the secret dream of his wife, unfortunately it coined with her mother! It took nearly five years for a simple, but, crucial decision! Unfortunately, they were forced to return in connection with last days of his mother-in-law, that too after seven years of marriage.

‘Tell him not to worry... even, I too am an outcast like him!’ St.George* told me silently. 

Father Zacharias started reciting some stanzas from Holy Bible. With utmost love and care, he sprinkled holy water on the five year old Annie's forehead.

‘Are you pouring cold water on my head? You idiot!’ the little girl started shouting aloud and everyone was shocked of her unexpected move, resulting in pin-drop silence.

‘Ha... ha... ha..., at last I could meet an intelligent kid,’ a retired Vicar proclaimed happily. ‘Let her be in our school, till she is leaving for US.’

‘Premji, you must meet me today,’ Principal of the school, where both of my sons are studying, demanded over phone.

‘Sir, I will make myself free so that I can meet you on Saturday... You know, my casual leaves are already over,’ 

‘No excuses Mister... You must be here in my office on or before 3PM... today...,,’ he slammed the phone.


Five year old Annie sat on the front bench. Amar, my younger son, a notoriously mischievous lad, sat next to her.

‘Hello,’ he greeted her with great enthusiasm and to his distress; she didn't care him at all.

‘After all, she is from America,’ Father Zachariah felt a pinch of happiness deep within and a crude smile appeared on his face. 

‘Fatherrrr...... I will teach you a lesson,’ Amar was deeply hurt.

He sat closer to the little girl, and kissed her beautiful left arm, in a quick move!

‘Chee!’ a voice of protest escaped from her angry mouth and she wiped her left hand on her long skirt, again and again; later with a hand kerchief...

‘There is no point in wiping your hand..... That kiss will remain etched on your heart, forever! ,’ Amar told her like a 'loving' villain in a romantic movie.

‘You deserved it, young lady,’ Father Zachariah couldn't control his laughter. 



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