A Boy With Roses

Quiet Observer

A flock of jittery birds propel from the silhouette of forsaken trees and ascend into the silent, polluted cool blue above. Bristled, semiotic, dishevelled lives too proud to admit your mistakes. Prudence is a sober realisation, a world of burning flames. Initiate kindness in dreamlands. Everlasting happenings biting nails. Swirling in circles in the ritualistic marriage of dance, a hybrid of emotions, timbre and orange, not talking. I am two moons from loving you, the heart flow in the brooding night. Looking for a warm and gentle embrace. In the shadows I am a quiet observer. Blood soaks into every crevice and the electric... magic twilight fills my pores with soft kisses, boys kissing in the rain. On the hill there's a man, a cigarette growing weaker, an aeroplane roaring as it drifts away. Silence echoes. I am alone in this standstill with only my thoughts to guide me. In the darkness I sway. Breathing darkness. Tonight I am jealous. Tonight I am going to kill you in every way.  


  • Author: Jordan Cash (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 27th, 2021 17:10
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  • Garth Rakumakoe

    An abstract narrative of intertwining shadows, telling tales bound by pictures of situational phrases to the story of me being jealous, an impulsive rapture in may ways, that spreads with the jittery birds polluting the skies. Each picture portrays a piece of me, two moons from loving you, the heart flow in the brooding night, looking for a warm and gentle embrace, I am the man on the hill, whose cigarette's dying weaker... So much is poured into this piece, so much mingling color, that makes it a masterpiece, diamond in the rough kinda stuff, honestly...... It reminds me why I so so much love the abstract and peculiar. A painting worth a thousand gallery walls this! - Impeccable artistic expression, absolutely magnificent! - Well done dear writer!

    • A Boy With Roses

      The abstract and peculiar! You've said it perfectly. This is by far one of the most pensive and genuine comments I've received on here, and I thank you Sir. I remember the intention behind this poem so viscerally. I was alone in a park until I heard the comforting words of a Muslim man I know pretty well, talking me out of dark thoughts. I wrote this poem the way I saw that hopelessly magical evening. Appreciate your thoughtful comment.

      • Garth Rakumakoe


      • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

        Really Amazing )) the way you express yourself in this ..,

        Liking your words …

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