kitty the naughty poet


Drowning, alone in the darkness
unable to speak, unable to think
as sorrow fills the air, suffocating lungs
not knowing how to save myself
from the anguish,
the uneasy tingle of sadness
that surrounds my being,
eyes drip unseen weeping,
craving some form of light
just one small piece of happiness
in a world spinning with suffering.

Dark waters
forcing unheard screams
from burning lungs
eyes blinded by secondary salt
Fingers clawing fruitlessly
at a watery grave
craving air warmth to be saved
but accepting with trepidation they are
without love without the hope of another's kiss...
of life
they sink deeper into the depths..,
of their own despair

I had a dark moment
Was gonna drown myself
But lost the plug to the bath! Doh!

from the writhing sack
came pathetic whining and yelps
resting now upon the bridge parapet
she checked the knot was still tight
and tested again the weight
dropping the sack into the current
she leant over to watch and listen
the water was swollen from rainfall
and fast flowing with a sickly roar
that sucked the sound from the air
the sack tumbled on it's
deathly descent
she heard no splash
as it entered the churning flow
just the tinny tinkle of music
from the new headphones
around her neck
she smiled
headphones are for life
not just for christmas
the dark side of dusk arising

As I drown in these tears of sorrow
I take to thought of my every tomorrow
As I drown in these waters so dark
I begin to see visions of Noah on his big mighty Ark
As I drown in these waters of sin
So deep the despair within
As I drown in these waters with haste
I welcome death and laugh in its face
As I drown be take my last breath
For penny,nor pound do I run from death

I feel like I'm drowning
being pulled under by walves,
except this sea
isn't made of water;
It's made up of hopelessness
and despair;
And no matter how fast I swim
the dark flood always pulls me
back out!!
........ And no one knows,
How close I am to drowning!!


  • kitty the naughty poet

    thank you everyone for participating in this poem

  • L. B. Mek

    some great lines, a good read

  • FallenAngel1🕊

    It's a great pleasure to take part in your fusioned poems Katie. THANK YOU!😀

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