Heart Outpourings

Notice of absence from woundedheart
Sorry due to personal reasons i will be absent for an unknown period of time
Thank you for your friendship and may the Lord watch over you all and keep you safe. ❤❤❤❤

If music be the food of love
then your kiss is like a feast
for your lips draw me to them
with the hunger of the beast
to taste you through such medium
to know such pure delight
I walk crawl through hell on broken glass
and be thankful of my plight...

I breath all your love
your trust fills my soul
my life entwines with colour
desires come true in your arms
balancing my need for pain
perfectly with your masterful pleasure
you helped save me from me
I would be a mess without you...

Strength, given freely from each new embrace,
warmth shared openly, with each fresh kiss
Love offered up
as a sacrifice ... of the heart
for I would rather die a thousand deaths
within your tender arms
tasting a million goodbyes from your lips
than to live
but a single moment
you never loved me.

My love for you is as big as a mountain
from the moment I held you in my arms
your eyes brighter than the sun
my heart swelled three times over
your attitude to life is mesmerising
from your lack of fear straight down
to your sarcastic comments
you have planted yourself in my heart
and every time I see your smile
it grows a little more

Fingers gently entwined
drawing you to me
making of your body a part of mine own
such closeness can only ever be known...
by lovers
Arms offering warmth and protection
as joined lips offer unspoken promises
seeking out answers in one another's eyes
to questions
only our two hearts
dare ask.

As you touch my skin with a tantalising tease
eyes speaking of contorted fantasies
while mouths crave the taste of pleasures
joining our bodies, our hearts
my soul twists with delight
at your every command

Bottom lip bitten
not through trepidation
but from another's need to taste
beneath the facade of
painted lips
tongue tied
softly searching their lovers mouths
Inhaling second hand carbon dioxide
as their kiss becomes...
a wanton need to tattoo with darting tongues
Love poems upon their lovers hearts
Fingers painting
unforeseen murals upon arched backs
And tilted necks
Love given and received through the sharing
of moments stolen back from time.

Ignite my soul
tease desires with succulent touches
flicking fingers of passion
tempted to slicken thighs
with whispered torment
entwining pain and pleasure
perfectly in sync
laced thick with love and trust

Sticky treats
proffered to a lover's lips
from trembling
outstretched fingertips
Fruit ... forbidden to taste and yet
eaten with reverence
each to their own desire, own need
own personal preference
her honey tonal kiss smeared
upon willing silken flesh
to be tasted again and again
and again afresh.

His want craves my need
spinning pain and pleasures plates
longingly for touching lips
slicking upon mounds of flesh
flicking peaks with devilish tongue
moaning for faster rides
moving honey for the hive of passion

Lips pressed to lips
as open mouth screams in praise
of an unseen God
Fluids exchanged mixed and taken
to sedate thirst
Lips and silken thighs wet with
small circular kisses
Lips nipped and swollen
Eyes fixed upon the writhing form
her face a contortion of
internal external pleasures
breath stolen in mock death as hips crash
and limbs flail, the cotton sheets gripped
his hair pulled and prayers offered up
as once again their lips meet.

My silent cries in a lonely room, write a warrant,
A contract, that when my courage comes, will tell
You are cordially invited to the warmth of my heart,
Certifying, that you are never alone, as in my mind,
We two, will make scenes, examples, to rival those
Such as Anthony and Cleopatra, but only if my mouth
Does scream out precisely, this very loving sentiment,
But maybe, the next we meet, your smile will answer
My question, thus, let our embracing begin with joy,
With zealous passion, so our love, can kiss the world!


  • KomfortKorner

    Heart swollen with pain and grief
    Unanswered questions
    The fear of not knowing which direction to turn
    Tears rolling down my face they burn
    My head spinning from a loss of words
    My brother now flying high with the birds
    God your will your way your timing
    Give me your guidance and better understanding
    Why a man so young was taken so soon
    What will his mother siblings and young children do ... Now?

  • katmay01

    Lovely, and beautifully written

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