Not That Type of Guy

A Boy With Roses

Alluring bodies in free fall mimic secrets                                                                                

Hiding beneath the walls, corrupt pretence revealed                                                                

Soft wax getting hard, our ears are blind                                          

I see your face in every sign, every path, every moonlight                              

We're so fucking stupid, drinking lies                                                                      

We remain the same but there's change in your eyes                                                  

I see it, I can see it, the horizon in a vacuum                                            

I feel the shame, early morning walking back home


Scars appear and they don't fade                                                                                                

Nights haunt us into the cold of the day                                                                            

And I try to be perfect, but I'm not that type of guy                                                                  

I'm not that type of guy


When you look at me, can't you see I'm worn out?                                                                          

Falling for your every illusion, I'm caught in your storm        

Holding on but I want it to be quiet, just like an echoing island                            

A sullen thought, don't compromise                                          

Burn me out like a candle desolate in a canyon                  

The party's in full swing but I'm craving that famous silence            

And tomorrow when I draw the curtains, when I say I don't care                    

Will I be floating on clouds of hope                                      

Or will it all fall through like some modern war? 


Who knows? Who knows?                                                             

I think of you and sometimes wonder 


Did you ever buy flowers for your lonely wife?                                                                        

Did you ever say "happy birthday?"                                                                                                  

Did you ever get to pay back all of that debt?                                                                          

Did you realise it was gone before it was too late? 


Every time you shout at me I just smile                                

But inside there's a fire I can't put out, not now                                    

I just smile and I think, I'm not the perfect type                                        

I'm not that king of guy                                                                         

Not that, I'm not, not that kind of guy                                                                  

I'm not that                                                                                            

I'm not that kind of guy. 


  • Author: Jordan Cash (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 31st, 2021 21:27
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Draven

    Nicely written

  • Richmondpomes

    If everyone was the "perfect type" I feel like the world would be so bland

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