Why does the pusher-man sell his dope?

Living his life on a slippery slope.


   Is the money really worth all the trouble?

Hustling everyday one hell of a struggle.


    You can never relax don't get no relief,

Finding out a friend is really a thief.


    You have to keep an eye on both sides of the street,

One side it's the cops the other thugs bringing heat.


    Sketchy characters and lots of shady deals,

This is no way to live hell on wheels.


    Hooking up in alleys and dark corners,

The young, the old, natives and foreigners.


    Always having to watch your back,

All hyped-up and under attack.


    Everyone wants to steal your drugs,

What a life the cops or the thugs.


    The more you have the more danger that comes,

The more drugs you do the quicker it numbs.


   It's a state of constriction,

It's the power of Addiction.


  • Author: Turbo1904 (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 2nd, 2022 01:26
  • Comment from author about the poem: It is all about addiction the life style and the near misses....
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • dusk arising

    For me the cute rhyming was making light of the serious subject. There's much being said in your lines. Making rhymes restricts our use of vocabulary/depth.
    It's just my personal take on rhyming poetry. Drug addiction is a deep dirty pit.

    • chriswylie2

      For me, the rhyme is a challenge: kind of like a jigsaw puzzle. All the pieces fit inside the borders, but where do they go? How will the individuals, that in themselves may not look like much come together to paint a beautiful picture that has meaning and purpose?
      That being said, sometimes the pieces need the room to breathe and tell their own story, in their own voice. I guess I see value in both rhyming and non- rhyming methods

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