Your Words Fall Like Stars

Tired of the chaos, we wait until it gets dark                                      

Until the world gets silent and we're alone in thoughts                                        

The night time is the time I come alive and play                           

The night time is when I think about the double-edged swords                                      

Our blood flows in dancing ribbons but we're alone                                                            

The sky is dark and I hear voices, mumbling echoes fading                                                

Into brewing pits of quietness exploding into noise                                                            

How can you love a heart you ignore                                                                          

When we're drowning in these thunderous waters?                                                          

Sweet relief you'll never understand                                                                                      

My head is so confused, bruised by these wilted blues                                              

Foaming at the edge of love's eclipse                                                                                  

Love is always on my mind, like the passing thought of death                                        

Haunted until my grave, I'm passing like seasons                                                              

Fading minds, fading clouds, fading hearts in pretty dreams                                                

The fantasy of letting desire take over you                                                                              

Is greater than a pearl in the ocean, so I shut my eyes and believe                                                

There's light at the end of the ocean, there's hope at the end of the rainbow          

Bending willows, bending willows. 



  • sophin

    lovely write and elegant prose style

    • Gyakkou

      thank you!

    • Little Rachel

      This really spoke to me, thank you

      • Gyakkou

        Glad you liked...

      • Goddess of the Mist

        Very lovely, deep and thoughtful.

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