Deepest Regrets

Notice of absence from woundedheart
Sorry due to personal reasons i will be absent for an unknown period of time
Thank you for your friendship and may the Lord watch over you all and keep you safe. ❤❤❤❤

When is darkest times of sorrow
When we can neither steal nor borrow
yesterday's or tomorrow's promised
Do we all regret the time we missed

Oh woe and horror!
Unconsolable and anguished
But why? Why all this consternation?
All this sadness and misery?
Cos I uttered the three words:
(well, five words if said properly)
'I'm gonna sing!'
(Or 'I am going to sing')

The world spins on sadness
regretting not speaking
regretting not touching,
laying here now without you
in my universe of sorrow

He holds me with love one minute, but provokes me the next,
So, we sharpen our blades, to perfect a hex,
Thus, we don the names of Cronos and Zeus,
In a life long moment, all we have, we lose,
We wage an age old war, we think the other should pay,
But as we stare with teary eyes, what we do is decay,
Hence, after our bloody chat, all we do is embrace,
As what we are to each other, is the stronger case!

Decaying love over time
time spent without you by my side
nights cold as ice
love bloomed then ran for the border
taking my soul along for the tragic ride
sorrow stabs it's knife
straight through my frozen heart...

The deepest regrets...
Are words spoken that feel on ears purposely made deaf to my outcries of pain.
No consideration for the aches I've carried around like boulders strapped to my ankles
Hoping and wishing they would see through my rough outer shell
Underneath a little girl wanting to be held
Wandering through life endlessly misunderstood
Do you know what it feels like to scream in a crowded room and no one moves
I'm invisible

Regretting time spent with the wrong people
watching and craving my downfall
in silence I sit, staring at the ends
end of relationships, end of my patients
the end of love not forever in the moment
stealing myself again and again
spreading sadness and sorrow to my limbs
with gusto...

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