kitty the naughty poet


The passion within me sings to you,
sweet, sensual songs,
longing to be licked and sucked,
with that delicious tongue,
I’ll take you as my Master,
or I’ll have you as my slave,
tell me what you want,
so we can misbehave

Down at heel...kneel kitty
wear your collar without shame
take my hand and I'll protect you
and call you by your secret name
no slave no master only partners
upon a journey through our desires
taste the scent from aching bodies
kiss and carress the fires
my hands upon your naked body
yours in bonds upon your knees
as i pen my name upon you
and from your lips a thank you tease.

Tie me up
Tie me down
In your dungeon keep me bound
Talk dirty,call me names
Punish me with your disdain
Use me
Abuse me
My conscience eludes me

Wearing collar proud
I'll submit to you Sir
will you submit to me on bended knee?
take me on your pleasure trail
entwining pain in this treasure hunt
tie me up in your room
containing evidence of heavenly possession
I'm yours to puppeteer tonight.

Pulling heart strings attached by clamps
bend your body to my will
Drink you dry of inabition
and not one drop will I spill
Pin you to the cotton bedsheet
like a pretty butterfly
arms and legs spread proudly
as i succumb to your cry
hands and ankles bound tight
hair pulled your next exposed
Now marionette dance divinely
as my will on you imposed

My will upon you I impose
I pull a string to twinkle your toes
I pull another,and with your fingers stretched
My thirst for you will be quenched
I drink you dry to the bone
Your final sigh is mine to own
Bound and gagged your mine for pleasure
With no mercy,at my leisure

I was gonna write
Btu keep swooning!
I'll never finish the verse
I can't have too much 'passion'
Or will it be good for me?! lol.

asking for math discipline, out of writer's
is a daunting task, it seems
eight lines, with prayer hands
she outlined,
yet here we have a few twelve's, lumbered together;
shall we, just add this
to the theme, brush it under
as our poetic Passion's, blunder... lol


  • kitty the naughty poet

    thank you everyone who joined this poem it turned out fantastic DEFOE my fave πŸ™‚ thank you all

  • FallenAngel1πŸ•Š

    Lmao,..math discipline from writersπŸ˜‚ I must say,I'm quite pleased with my work here. I've never wrote anything of this nature until i found MPS and your muse. However,as I was reading my work after hitting send/add,I noticed a flaw at the end of my first one. Last line, "my conscience eludes me" I wish I had of put "as my conscience eludes me" lol,damn! The difference of one little two syllable wordπŸ™ And my second,6th line "your final sigh is mine to own", would be better if it read "your every sigh,..AGAIN!!!ONE WORD!!

    • kitty the naughty poet

      Lol don't worry about it I think it sounds good. I'm pleased with how it all turned out.
      I'm happy I am bringing you to write something new keep on at it

      • FallenAngel1πŸ•Š

        I too am quite pleased,it was a lot of funπŸ˜‹ Much thanksπŸ’πŸ’πŸ˜˜

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