L. B. Mek

They label you: ‘Cold hearted’


(They label you ‘Cold hearted’

while callously, unwilling

to recognise

that engraved, scarlet tint

to your eyes...)



Battery-life, blinking

a mobile’s screen of hope, dimming

I’m waiting;

dizzy fingers, numb

with trepidation, gripping

every ounce of reason, to prevent

myself from tipping

into a gaping, whirlpool

of decimation


five years, tittering

dependant, on a scarlet blink

we both know

if neither of us, bends 

to reach-out

first, to yield

in love’s name

then this latest finale, will be

our story’s, deathbed of irreversible 


irritant red, blinks 

as I attempt a last stoppering

of this erupting, thumping whale

of my mind’s, relentless wail

same one

I’ve been stifling, all day

cheeks, stealthy wet

our situation

surreally, overwhelming 


blink, ending

wide eyes, begging 


at reality’s far too familiar, noire

of belatedly bleak: realisation. 


I guess, we too

weren’t meant to be

five years, fifty gifts

five hundred whispered promises

five thousand lingering, embraces

washed-out: meaningless

in a stubborn, blink

of my iPhone battery’s, arrested

death knell ringing….


Now, what

is there even a starting line, left

for me to bleed my nails, clinging - to

if this moment requires

my white chalk, of hope

I guess, all I have left

is our love’s carcass, to outline


what of me, now what?


Dam ------ - erupts

scene, fades 

to bottle bottom, pits

of absurd

levels of hurt

choking sounds, wheezing

weighty breath, heaving

each elongated, sigh

of desolation;


in my mind’s dimensioning corridors

a resoundingly stale coldness, awakens

voicing life’s, inescapable: bitter truth

it has to be me, to yield

love’s cancerous mirages, to survive.


‘F’ck: not these morbid thought’s



there won’t - ever

be another: again!

Next time, I guarantee myself

this one unbreakable, promise

it won’t – ever, be me

left forlorn, drowning

in unrelenting: pain!



© L. B. Mek

November 2021


  • Teddy.15

    LoL damn love dear Mek, one of my all time favourite dance and karaoke songs that I have sung many times with a passion. Beautifully executed a poem that tells not all is perfect but we will move along and maybe we will or won't find that one that could be perfect. Fab, although hoping it's just fiction. 💖

    • L. B. Mek

      yeah, that's a great belter
      to sing and shed some of life's
      cobwebs and niggles,
      thank you for your concern, my friend
      and yes, like all poetry
      there's as much reality
      as there are parts, embellished

    • Saxon Crow

      'there won’t - ever

      be another: again!'

      Right there says it all my friend.

      Brilliant piece of poetry Mek. I was there with you all the way

      • L. B. Mek

        sadly, I fear my words
        are more relatable
        than I originally thought they would be
        guess, when it comes
        to topics of the heart, where things
        didn't really work out
        our experiences
        aren't all that different, it seems..
        (I'm glad you enjoyed the read, dear Poet
        a little less glad, you related
        with the murky emotions portrayed;
        somewhat confusingly, lol)

      • Poetic Dan

        Holly **** what just happened, this was not expected but yet how could I not.

        Such expressions of the soul

        "Not these morbid thoughts again"

        Hit me like an arrow at the end, holding on from the start as if there was something in your words I wanted so much but yet still can't let go!

        I'll never know every step you have taken but to have a vibration like yours, must mean it's been no vacation.

        Thank you for sharing my friend!

        • L. B. Mek

          'must mean it's been no vacation'
          what comforting words, you gift
          thank you! dear empathetic Poet;
          (but truly, I can't complain
          far worse, has been
          to far, better people)

          • Poetic Dan

            That's doesn't make our pain any less painful my friend and take me a while to learn this lol

          • spilleronsheet

            A fantastic imagery
            Where every scene played
            Played in front of my eyes
            I could see the actor in play
            Love struck and heartbroken
            Clinging on tenterhooks to hold it or let go
            The mobile’s dimlight and life holding as if the last line for the lovers to connect
            Some connections hold on
            Causing us in dilemma whether to continue or not
            What if we never get the chance again
            Every word conveyed the pain
            Heart wrenching were the lines
            The title spoke of a cold hearted
            Why did it seem so overwhelming
            The pledge of not being in same situation again
            But alas the Cupid isn’t in our control
            We could be only actors
            Not the one writing the play afar

            • L. B. Mek

              how deep, you read
              into mere scribbles, dear Poet
              what wisdom, you must have garnered
              already, for such a young age.
              thank you! sincerely

              • spilleronsheet

                The poetry was very touching
                I couldn’t stop myself from drifting with words

              • Paul Bell

                I will survive.
                In reality, should really be the bywords to life.
                Some will say you need to get knocked down to get up, and maybe they're right, still hurts mind you.

                • L. B. Mek

                  yeah, scars look cool
                  once they've healed
                  but the process
                  well, good thing
                  our mind learns to forget
                  before: anything else...
                  (thanks Paul, and yeah I agree
                  completely, Surviving reality
                  to arrive, at my hopeful tomorrow's
                  is definitely, one of my mottos
                  in life)

                • Michael Edwards

                  Great read - it flows - the mark of an accomplished write.

                  • L. B. Mek

                    thank you Michael, means a lot
                    whenever I can scribble something
                    you enjoy,
                    to repay you, for all the great reads
                    you share with us..
                    (and hope all is well, my friend)

                  • Garth Rakumakoe

                    A hurricane of the sharpest darts of descript. I could aliken this to those commercial vessel fishing nets. You really hauled out the ocean my friend. Particularly I must point out, even your presentation stands out by virtue of artistic posture, i.e font, shape, spacing, punctuation. It presents you and your uniqueness with little care for being "pretty". As a writer, I identify with that. "Stoppering".... An excavation right there my friend. I could go on ... An authentic masterpiece L.B. - Hat off to you sir!🔥

                    • L. B. Mek

                      (in the theme of Wayne's World)
                      'were not worthy! we're not worthy' lol
                      but in all seriousness, thank you!
                      dear gifted Poet
                      this is a comment, I shall treasure
                      to my very last

                    • kitty the naughty poet

                      in my mind’s dimensioning corridors
                      a resoundingly stale coldness, awakens
                      voicing life’s, inescapable: bitter truth
                      it has to be me, to yield
                      love’s cancerous mirages, to survive.

                      Wow I love that. Really great share dear friend

                      • L. B. Mek

                        thank you, dear insightful Poet
                        you've highlighted
                        the most crucial lines for me, as well
                        the pivot anchor
                        to the whole theme in my write, I think..

                      • RebelPrincess

                        'there won’t - ever

                        be another: again!'

                        That line just hit me in the feels. Very relatable, this is a great write. Thanks for sharing!

                        • L. B. Mek

                          thank you!
                          for flicking through my past scribbles
                          to find a read you genuinely liked
                          and write such a wonderful comment,
                          how very kind

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