sharvani shetty

A conversation between a girl and her secret friend. 


Dear mistress, I'm secret part of your life. And I never expected publicity for me. 

But I have a doubt that why people feel awkward to speak about me. Though I never carried out any shameless activities. 


Instead, I aid females to discharge all no damn good things through urination.             But people feel awkward to speak about my work .

Even I lend my hand to have private space with their partner.                                                  Yet,people feel awkward and becomes sound free. 

I help out females to achieve their puberty   but still people's awkwardness to speak left me unvoiced. 

I'm the reason for change of heart from girlhood to motherhood,                                      But still people feel awkward to give voice.

I dilate myself to unite mother and child,      But still people feel awkward. 

Even when I'm attacked with any of the disease,                                                                       still people feel awkward to share about my problem. 

Girl: Dear mine, people aren't feeling awkward. They just feel that they aren't worth enough to speak about you.  In my view you are the blest place. 

                                                                                                                                                Written by:

                                                           T. Sharvani


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  • Published: January 7th, 2022 10:46
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