La Danza de la Vida

A door opens


On a table of black

A flower awaits -

Broken, blood red


A stage gapes

And the lights

Dip and bend.

A curtain parts

A voice of hearts

Bruised by a life

I could never understand

Pours a sound soul blessed

Into the room.


A whirl

A wave

Of vermillion and white

And a female form

Crashes into our world

Like a shot of morphine

That kills all cares

Pins all pain

Like a butterfly

To this moment.

Only damaged hearts

Could not be stirred

By this emotional storm

That bleeds into me -

And that has been bled

Onto those boards

Since Spanish time began.




  • Teddy.15

    Simply stunning one of the most passionate dances ever created. A very very beautiful poem, welcome warmly to MPS 🤗

  • spilleronsheet

    Welcome dear poet
    Your poetry created an uproar
    Such a beautiful stage you stage set
    And such powerful emotions
    Keep sharing and writing
    And thanks for sharing a jewel of yours

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