I haven't found my Soulmate yet 


But when I do 


I'm going to shout about it


At the top of the nearest hill


Or on top of a big red Bus


On the Tube


I'll climb to the top of Nelson's Column?


Maybe I’ll sit on a Lion?


In my beloved Trafalgar Square 


Screaming at the top of my lungs 


In a red phone box


I don't care 


I'm going to shout 


Until my own voice is lost...


Lost in the very vision of finding him.


  • Paul Bell

    I can see the noise abatement society coming after you. Running around shouting, Man, where are you.
    In saying that, I have a mate you'd like, totally nuts, but in a good way. lol

    • Teddy.15

      lol 🀣 ah but London is my soulmate. Thank you dear Paul, I'm missing home today. πŸ’–

      • Paul Bell

        Missing old London town. A little bot of nostalgia. I'll pull down Nelson's column and send it to you.

      • orchidee

        Good write Teddy.

        • Teddy.15

          I Need some Dorothy shoes today. πŸ’–

        • Neil Higgins

          I blame the bloody Romans for all the mess.
          Lots of statues need to come down,apart from Nelson's column.

          • Teddy.15

            Thank you dear Neil, my poem today has nothing to do with the review you have left but thank you anyway. πŸ˜‚ Today I'm missing my birth place so much it hurts. πŸ’–

            • Neil Higgins

              No matter where we are in the world,our beginnings,no matter how humble,are always somewhere we long to get back to,over time.I lived and worked in London for many years,and had both good and bad memories.But now living in Warwickshire,there are times when I would like to go back sometimes,and retrace my steps.

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            • L. B. Mek

              'cheer's, dear fellow Londoner
              to the woes
              we've learnt, to ignore
              in the name of our sanity's
              and that quintessential
              hustle and bustle
              that's seeped-in, too deep
              to the ebb-n-flow
              of our pulses, beat
              for us to ever, be rid
              of its pacing's, needs
              in our life's
              perspective's and feats...'
              (simply a Great read, dear Poetess
              thank you!)

              • Teddy.15

                Thank you dear Mek, I'm using my poetic licence to dramatise my aches and pains lol 🀣 thank you dear friend.

              • Rozina

                I love going to London. And I'm only a tourist. It must be hard to be away from home, so many memories for you. I hope you can go back for a visit soon Teddy.

                • Teddy.15

                  Thank you dear Rozina, I sure will, I didn't imagine COVID would have lasted so long. Of course one day I shall go home. πŸ’–

                • fallenAngel1πŸ•Š

                  Even though we have great new ways to keep in touch like FaceTime,nothing can replace the embrace of a warm hug from our loved ones. I truly hope you'll get that much needed visit soon Teddy. Your such a beautiful person with so much love to give. You deserve it. Sincerely sent with a tear of sadness for the tears of your sadness😒 But keep smiling,it makes people wonder what your up toπŸ€—πŸ˜˜πŸ’βœŒπŸ•Š

                  • Teddy.15

                    πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– thank you dearest Joseph

                  • woundedheart

                    You have all the splendour of Italy and you miss noisy smelly smog covered London are you drunk lol, I'll send you a pigeon in a pearly queen outfit . 🐻

                    • Teddy.15

                      LOL or just a cobble? Thank you dear Woundedheart, you seem to have pulled.me.out of my mood. πŸ˜… πŸ’–

                      • woundedheart

                        Anytime my friend πŸ»πŸ’ž

                      • dusk arising

                        It ain't like what it used to be gal. Back in the seventies i loved the place.

                        So where you been lookin for this soulmate fellah? All the wrong places i expect. D'ya really think he'll be feeding the pigeons in 'falgah square.... you're avvin a girraffe. More likely he's on the circle line, people watchin and writing poetry.

                        • Teddy.15

                          Good evening Dusky, London is my Soulmate πŸ’– I know it's not what it was actually probably after an hour I will want to be back here, I guess it's because I cannot see it. πŸ’– Thank you darling friend. πŸ’–

                        • spilleronsheet

                          What a beautiful imagery of the London state
                          The roads
                          The hustle bustle
                          And its tale
                          Soon you shall find your soulmate
                          But your a soulmate to me dear Teddy
                          My pen friend

                          • Teddy.15

                            Thank you dear Spills, such beautiful words πŸ’–

                          • Keith

                            I love its simplicity - sometimes it is good to just write your feelings straight. The last line is so powerful..

                            • Teddy.15

                              Dear Keith, Very nice to meet you, my writing is more or less almost always in this style I have always been told to write with my heart and today I'm so missing London. Thank you so much. I'm not a pro I write for a hobby, I really appreciate your lovely review. πŸ’–

                            • Goldfinch60

                              London is Ok but surely Italy is better.



                              • Teddy.15

                                Yes dear Andy, I live in the countryside so I am of course in a wonderful place, I miss being able to see my loved ones more than anything. Just a few now but still I miss them. πŸ’–

                              • yellowrose

                                You may find him where you least expect to πŸŒΈπŸ™‚
                                Another lovely poem , teddy

                                My older sister lives in London , not been to London in quite a few years tho .. it’s a very busy place isn’t it .. and I know there are some really nice areas of it

                                • Teddy.15

                                  It is a very busy place and when I left I was 28 so I appreciated the quiet. Thank you dear Rose. πŸ’–

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