Fuck No

Notice of absence from woundedheart
Sorry due to personal reasons i will be absent for an unknown period of time
Thank you for your friendship and may the Lord watch over you all and keep you safe. ❤❤❤❤

You say you wanna love me, my answer is fuck no,
I wanna man to own me, not one go nice and slow.
I need rough hands upon me, to throw me on the bed,
to tear my panties from me and beat my bottom red.
I dont want undressing, i want it torn to shreds,
and my limbs bound tightly with the now ragged threads
I want his hot breath on me as he tightly grips my throat,
rubbing my aching pussy with the roughness of his scrot
I want a man with passion that can own body and mind,
while fucking my hot pussy in the heat of bump and grind.
I want my wrists behind me and forcing to my knees,
my hair pulled back sharply as i beg my master please
to ram his cock in roughly as my tonsils stroke the head
and fuck my willing mouth until his balls are bled.
I want to be bent over, his hand upon my spine
as his free hand spanks my pussy as I whimper so devine
I want to feel he owns me, i want to be his whore,
serving his needs so wanton as my pussy freely pours
I want to be his woman, want him to be my man,
So don't say you wanna love me, unless you really can.


  • kitty the naughty poet

    Woop I love it 😀 naughty behaviour is definitely my favourite lol great job 👏
    And good luck in the contest on AP 😉😄😀

    • woundedheart

      23 words over count hope the contest holding doesn't spank me lol 😈

      • kitty the naughty poet

        Hahaha I got a feeling you might like that 😅

      • Teddy.15

        LOL 🤣 fabulous best of luck in the contest.

        • woundedheart

          Thank you I'll let you know lol 🐻💞

        • orchidee

          Glad some ones are having fun! lol.

          • woundedheart

            Blame Katie its her contest lol 😂

            • orchidee

              Now for my poem: F*** yes! But Fido won't let me write it! lol. My imaginary dog.

            • Finchy


            • L. B. Mek

              I guess spicy
              was the dish of the day
              when they were 'brainstorming'
              the theme, to that contest..
              best of luck;
              a resoundingly: Empowered, Fun write!

              • woundedheart

                Thank you she sets such contests regularly as she says she is the naughty poet lol

              • geekslutnerdgirl

                a person after my own heart. love it.

                • woundedheart

                  Thank you kindly glad you enjoyed. ☺

                • FallenAngel1🕊

                  This is really great,but I'm a little confused,lol Can you please confirm your gender?😊

                • woundedheart

                  Gender is just another label to fit us in boxes lol nay actually i am 100% male ☺

                • Paul Bell

                  I've got you down as the winner.

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