Menú del Día

You offered me the glass
Half full
And left the thought
You blinked
I drank
And for ten aching minutes
We sat
While you decided.
If I ordered another
Would you stay?
Would the world stop turning?
For a second?
Our life’s a polaroid
A cobbled street
You want what God can’t give
And I get the bill - 
As always.
You eat.
I pay.



  • Teddy.15

    LOL I am a true fan of love poetry, cups half empty or half full. I'm thinking this is definitely a Polaroid moment captured in your clever words, reminds me somewhat of Bukowski, a true look at what is, I'm a lady so I love your last lines. I have a dark sense of humour 💖 Thank you.

    • Keith

      Thanks, Teddy..your appreciation means a lot. I am honoured with your comparison to Bukowski too. Dark senses of humour are usually the best...

    • Neville

      Dia, dia dia .. this is quite exceptional too ......................................... & no kiddin sir 🙂

    • mish kanafani

      yes I agree with Teddy...the flavour of it!

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