Calamities of life

A chaos hit 

a tornado rocked

a cyclone hit the shore

volcano of emotions erupted

The little butterfly was stormed

the flower was blown 

the plant uprooted

the sweet home disappeared 

after the calamity was gone



all was good

all was healed

at least it appeared to eyes

upon the visions seen

maybe, it was the time to dream



all wasn’t okay 


not really like before

when nightmares could disappear 

after the sun shone

when memories could fade 

over a bar of chocolate



Was everything alright 

it retrospected

words of courage were bore inside

it wasn’t time to reconsider the actions tonight 



amidst those moments of dilemma beside

it was realised

the mind was wild

yet the body was mild

fragile and broken

tired and heavy

loosing its capacity

Ebbing on waves of challenges that hit the shore




though the mind wished to conquer the world

yet why was soul overwhelmed

why was it scared

why questions layered 

why did everyone glare

why did strangers stare




to those apprehensions 

to life’s unseen comprehension 

lets make some compositions 

to sing some voices of opposition 

to the world who labels 

let us  be  rebels

for a second of recommend

lets make minutes of amend



one second at at time

one task at a moment 

one question in mind 

one answer to find

lets take the opportunity 

to solve it once at a time



to prepare for unseen calamities

to build and get over those past calamities…..


  • Teddy.15

    Good morning dear Spills, I find this incredibly reflective and powerful.

    Love this stanza


    all wasnโ€™t okay


    not really like before

    when nightmares could disappear

    after the sun shone

    when memories could fade

    over a bar of chocolate

    So innocent i remember myself when a bar.of chocolate would heal my mind. ๐Ÿ’–

    • spilleronsheet

      Indeed dear Teddy
      I feel either we were too naive back then or to lucky that problems could resolve easily

      • Teddy.15

        Or maybe the chocolate tasted better ๐Ÿ˜‚ in any case a brilliant piece from you.

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      • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

        Brilliant spiller , such strong great words . Loved the read !

        • spilleronsheet

          Thank you dear Rose
          Truthfully poetry is a way of consoling
          And at the moment its the poet whose consoling oneself

        • Rozina

          Everyday the news is showing global scenes of calamities from floods to fires to train wrecks to shootings.....
          And of course the virus everywhere.
          You said it true - one at a time, that's what we need to do.

          • spilleronsheet

            One at a time
            We are humans not robot

          • dusk arising

            Like Teddy, I was struck by those lines she brought forward. We were protected back then. Today we are the protectors. Yet the battle to be fought is within the minds of our worlds population. A message to a people we have estranged. Historic acorns of hate have matured and western words are never trusted. And here, at home in the west i ask.... are our words worth trusting?

            • spilleronsheet

              Thatโ€™s a thought provoking reply
              Now it draws me more deeper inside

            • L. B. Mek

              on waves of challenges that hit
              the shore

              though the mind, wished
              to conquer the world

              yet why
              was soul, overwhelmed
              was it, scared
              (wonderful in its abstract notes
              while introducing such, realistically
              everyday, themes and relatable ideas)
              thanks for sharing, dear poet

              • spilleronsheet

                Thank you so much dear Mek
                Your kind comments much appreciated

              • Vamsi Sudha

                Dear Spiller,

                I really swayed with your poem, for a moment, you filled my eyes with the aftermath of a tornado..
                But "the Silence and Serenity " after a storm is really needed, at some moments of life..
                So let the storm , cyclones, hit our life, to get to a serene atmosphere...
                Wonderfully woven poem....thanks spiller..

                • spilleronsheet

                  That advice is very useful dear Vamsi
                  At times one must look beyond what they eyes show
                  The vision I guess

                • woundedheart

                  So many things could be avoided if man stopped destroying the earth and looked inside themselves to see the truth we all need to realise our problems big or small are made better by good friends and the caring words or hugs from others. Life is for living but to live life we need to heal, ourselves our loved ones our planet, great poem ๐Ÿ‘

                  • spilleronsheet

                    Thanks dear poet
                    Healing is essential
                    Hope we all heal

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