Rachel Laurene

Swiper No Swiping

My intutions been knocking me
To start dating again
Not really searching for love, we'll see
What comes around the bend

So I made a new profile
Online dating is the worst
You never know who will file
Or who will say something first

The thing I hate about dating
In our modern world, chaotic
Is that I find it quite boring
Unromantic and robotic

The same stale conversations
With the same dull introductions
Connections made in rations
Clinging to the same old notions

It's quite rare to meet somebody
Who can sweep you off your feet
Superficial, must show body
Or best throw hands in defeat

And in this small city of mine
An even smaller group of queers
Each date I can now intertwine
With their friend, roomate or peers

Perhaps I will just move away
And just start somewhere anew
No real reason for me to stay
Save family but we'd make do

For in the swiping nation
I have seen the same old faces
Lonely from desperation
Each moving at different paces

I just made a profile
I'm already over it
Be single for a while
I've outgrown this swiping shit


  • dusk arising

    Another very readable post and very relateable. It's been a while now since I decided not to go near the dating water let alone dip my toe in it.

    "The same stale conversations
    With the same dull introductions"
    is exactly how it goes and it's boring without that magical spark.

    • Rachel Laurene

      Thanks! I think most are frustrated with dating In the 21st century

    • Neil Higgins

      Took me many decades Rachel until I found the person I have been with for over ten years.Prior to that,it was "see you around,"or "what were you thinking" After many false dawn's "we" met at a friend's evening dinner party ( not as grand as it sounds) and became friends.The rest as they say,is history.

    • woundedheart

      Very open and honest as always my friend and I'm sure there's someone out there for you just waiting to bowl you over, ☺

      • Rachel Laurene

        Lol out of the 7 billion people on this planet, let's hope so

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