Hi has 2wo letters;

So does by,

   Try the first one,

If they catch your eye.


  Joy has 3HREE letters;

So does cry.

   Go with joy;

Hit the bullseye.


   Love has 4OUR letters;

So does hate.

   They are a pair;

A double date.


   Hurt has 4OUR letters;

So does heal.

   You can't pick one;

There a double deal.


   Truth has 5IVE letters;

So does lying.

    was stealing;

Should have been buying.


   Wrong has 5IVE letters;

So does right.

   Choose the second;

Get the green light.


   Happy has 5IVE letters;

So does anger.

   Go with the first one;

No one points a finger.


   Accept has 6ix letters;

So does Reject,

   Your situation shows you

Which to select.


   Enemies has 7EVEN letters;

So does friends.

   Which one you are;

Well, that depends.


   Positive has 8IGHT letters;

So does negative.

   The first a must;

The other tentative.


   Dedicated has 9ine letters;

So does sacrifice,

    Be wise here,

 the right one is paradise


   These words are;

A double-edged sword.

   Choose wisely;

Get a reward.


   Choose the better side;

Of your lesson.

   Your integrity won't;

Be in question…


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