Joker Wood

Please Let Me… - 1

Please Let Me Write
and post this poem
that is just about anything
because I want to post...something.


Please, let me share with you
my heart that is opening right now
due to a music that touches my heart
allowing me to create this form of art.


Out of Love;
Out of Kindness;
Out of Hope;
Out of Oneness.


Right Now
Grows Again
Into...A Form
Sparkling and Spreading
Towards You...As Well As
Everyone Else On This Earth
Connecting All Hearts Together
As One...Side-by-Side and Hand-in-Hand
Facing and Walking...Towards The Future.


- Joker Wood


  • Solar Impulse_1912

    ‘Hope, Right now grows again...’
    A beautiful thought that binds us all together.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Solar Impulse1912

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