If You Had A Time Machine,Wich Way Would You Go?


Back to the beginning?
To see how it all started?
Or far ahead?
To see if we are winning?
Only to be broken hearted?
Back to the beginning?
Finding all our mistakes along the way?
Or far ahead?
To find our world in decay?
Me? I'd go far ahead
But only for a visit
Just to see
Then I'd go back
To save talents taken before their time
I'd go back to unravel the obscure life of Robert Johnson
who's death has more details than his life,that is shrouded in mystery
Yes I'd go back to learn the whole truth about mankind's history
(The accuracy of history depends on who's writing it)

Take me back to the days of Shakespeare
where romance was real, not a dick pic...
We would read by the fire, tales of love
with not a video game in sight
to rot the mind of our growing boys
the time where people banded together
and helped out a neighbour...
Now it's just gossip over a fence
or a chat board on the Internet...

I'd go back to my youthful day
That day I learned in a harsh way
the man I called dad had an alias known as stepdad
It was the very beginning of my journey on the road of sad
because thats the day it all fell apart
my mom is the women who broke my heart
Had she not been drunk,those words she'd never have said
but at the age of 7 I found myself crying on my bed
wishing I was dead

If I could go back in time.
In a way ever so sublime.
I would not ask why I was punished in my prime?
Simply put I would not try to climb.
Any higher within my crime.
1 thing different from my impatience of.
A life lived in a way that was kind of.
Knowing what I know about myself like a glove.
I would want to be gentle as a dove.
All I would add is a bit more Love!

I'd go back in time
To a younger point of life
And I'd warn myself
I'd warn myself to never use the scissors
For what they were not created for.
I'd warn myself to never listen
To what others have to say
Cause it might help in the end.

I'd go back to the very beginning of time
The only witness to creation sublime
To be dazzled beyond comprehension
Creations genius held in suspension
Through the birth of time I'd see
Into the eyes of God
What is to be

  • Authors: W.J.G.🕊 (Pseudonym), kitty the naughty poet, AwHec8, Ajax
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  • Finished: January 15th, 2022 20:11
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  • Comment from author about the poem: The inspiration for this came to me after reading spilleronsheets poem Running time. Thanks spiller😀✌️🕊
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  • Dharchika

    I don’t know how to edit this…plz help me out..I really want to join this epic

    • FallenAngel1🕊

      I'm so,so sorry,..it just ended today😢 I didn't realize,..it s complete. Not even I can edit any of it. But you should start one,..I'm sure I'd enjoy it. A great poet once said,..pen all,and never fear your audience😀 Now go forth and shine💎bright🌟

      • Dharchika

        Thanks dude . You are really motivating…. Nice to meet you 😍

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      • spilleronsheet

        It’s a beautiful poetry
        I was late to join it
        Nevertheless the beautiful stanzas by so many beautiful souls made it so fun reading it
        Truly an epic

        • FallenAngel1🕊

          I'm sorry you missed the opportunity spiller, but I thank you greatly for the inspiration,and on behalf of all who contributed🌟🌟🌟✌️🕊

          • spilleronsheet

            Thank you so much for the note and thank you so much
            I feel so overwhelmed
            And I am glad I could inspire people

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