Vamsi Sudha

Life is not a Chance !!

Life is not a Chance

To harrow on every Circumstance

Life is a well-crafted Game

Played with events as they Came!!


Life is all about living with Satisfaction

And playing the cards without Reaction

Play the cards of poise, balance and Harmony

And see life blooms wonderfully, in Testimony


Life is living every moment in Reality

Not to live in anticipation, a Fantasy

In the chambers of mind lies the link of Divinity

Find it and life has so much store in Infinity


Life's happiness unfolds Mysteriously

Taking us to levels of mental poise Gracefully

Then, Life is just a game free of Stress

Where you live in it unaffected, till you Rest!!!


  • spilleronsheet

    I could feel the aroma of positivity
    A new way to tackle the obstacles
    Pleasing to eyes the rhyme
    Wish to sing it as a hymn
    Thanks dear Vamsi for sharing this

    • Vamsi Sudha

      Thanks Spiller !! Moments when everyone goes through tough times and there also comes a thought of positivity along, which makes life worthwhile and to be lived !!
      Because Positive and Negative are 2 sides of a same coin , Depends what we see and move on in life !!!

    • L. B. Mek

      wonderful flow and an important message
      thanks for sharing

      • Vamsi Sudha

        Thank you Mek !!!

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