Saxon Crow

Christmas Tree End

Winters crisp chill

Blankets the air

As the dustmen know that Christmas is at an end

A thousand discarded trees

Queue up in family rows

Waiting for their final journeys end

An irony that a season of giving, gives away so thoughtlessly

Joggers dodge a forest of dead bracken joys

Following their breaths with every footfall

To a destination that will never be found

Children huddle together as they trudge to their great educators calls

Never really learning what is more important than repeated word or unimaginative conclusion

Curse the free thinker

who, like the Christmas tree, is a novelty not to be had all year round

And so the sun rises in that never ending cycle of begin again

A subtle reminder that there is always change

Something the humble Christmas tree is resigned to know



  • spilleronsheet

    I feel bad about the Christmas tree
    In Estonia they keep your tree protected to be used again and again
    And that contrast of novelty with the Christmas tree so true to the point
    Well crafted dear poet

    • Saxon Crow

      Thanks Spills. Poor old chrimbo trees. What makes me laugh is how suddenly everyone decides to dump their trees at the same time haha

      • spilleronsheet

        I don’t like the idea of abandoning
        I hope in your area like Estonia some company can take the initiative to rent trees for Christmas

      • Neil Higgins

        Applause for the poem SC.
        At my local garden centre,Xmas trees are also lined up,ready to be turned to sawdust,in a display of "post unwanted vengeance"
        Our tree is artificial,and a few years old now.I had a "real" tree many years ago,but the pine needles took months to remove with the carpet sweeper.I have to admit,it got disposed of by the dustman,without fuss.Although I have a planted tree from many many years ago,that somehow survived my hopeless attempt to replant it.It is now waist high,looking very sorry for itself,but it lives.Hoorah.

      • Saxon Crow

        Nice one Neil. Our Christmas tree was a plastic effort. We decided to get rid of it this year, decorations and all. It was the easiest take down of a tree ever.... Straight into a black bag haha

      • yellowrose

        Makes me feel sorry for the Christmas tree .

        A good poem , crow )

        • Saxon Crow

          Thanks Rose. Yeah it's not a happy life being a Christmas tree!

          • yellowrose

            No . Just being there for Christmas .. then being discarded

          • Paul Bell

            Is anyone 'pining' for their Christmas tree, I think not. Not when Easter eggs are in the stores, and you never put the Easter egg tree back in the attic, ever.

            • Saxon Crow

              Think you're barking up the wrong tree with that pun Paul haha. Think bunnies!

            • orchidee

              Good write SC.

            • L. B. Mek

              yup, maybe
              society shouldn't have merged
              worshiping of the Sun, links
              to modernity's
              religious practises
              lets just, all act 'Christian'-like for once
              and simply leave the trees, in peace
              how's that for a 'giving' mentality.. lol
              (haven't allowed a real tree
              in our house, for decades now
              just fake one's, that match
              those fictitious elements
              of that
              most festive of our public holidays)
              a really strong write, dear poet
              thanks for sharing

              • Saxon Crow

                Thanks Mek πŸ™‚

              • Teddy.15

                This is bloomin wonderful Sax, so beautifully created and full of truth. πŸ’–

                • Saxon Crow

                  See what ya did there Teddy. Very clever haha. You should branch out on your puns

                  • Teddy.15


                  • Rozina

                    Something to think about. Recycling the beautiful trees would be great. Thank you.

                    • Saxon Crow

                      Thanks Rozina

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