you forget where it started
you don't know where it will end

you're trapped in a tunnel that simultaneously narrows and w i d e n s

your awareness narrows

while your thoughts w i d e n
until they lose all sense

one thought careens into another

snowball effect

until your mind threatens to collapse under the weight

it is all you can do to push back against it


you are the sisyphus of your own mythos, forever condemned to fighting an uphill battle with your heavy, leaden thoughts


nearly reaching the top
where you could finally release the weight


where you could finally rest


only to fall right back to the start


and begin the struggle again


  • L. B. Mek

    despite its sobering topic
    and somewhat, downbeat tone
    I found this to be an enjoyable read..
    a wonderfully expressive portrayal
    of the frustrations and anxieties
    we all have to deal with
    at some point in our lives..
    wonderfully worded, thanks for sharing

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