Tiffany McClure

past feeling

all you hear is give up

You are almost there

Life is rough

Life is full of terrible things

Women are quiet

Women are scared

It hurts to say no

Bad things happen to you

People take advantage of you

They make you believe them

You want to run

You say no

You say stop

They keep going

You feel paralyzed

Go to your happy place

your head is spinning

You wish you were away

Bring up good times

Get out of the headspace your in

Try to make it stop

Being held against you will

Pain hurts

Nothing is working

Strength holds you back

Its finally over

Stay quiet

Feel gross and want to cry

Can't move

Feel speechless



Try and forget

You cant so your messed up



  • C E Thomas

    Great stuff. I can feel from your strong words that this comes from a personal place, so I sincerely hope you are able to move past your pain and find peace. Whoever has hurt you does not deserve forgiveness, but I hope that one day you can forget them. Keep it up!

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