Rachel Laurene

In The West

My land lives in a bubble
We do not think nor see
About the outside hubble
About why we are "free"

We shop each and everyday
Without thought of how or where
Products come or why they stay
And even when we're aware

Well, we do little about it
Capitalistic to a core
Saying I can't really do shit
Living life like the devil's whore

I don't exclude myself in this
For this act I'm just as guilty
I try, still am a statistic
It's not just subliminally

All the while knowing
The truths about western life
How whilst we are growing
We condem others to strife

One sixth of the world live in hunger
Those without water one in three
At least the kind which would surrender
Certain illness to history

Shelves lined with fifty kinds of meat
We throw one fourths of which away
Instead of those cast to the street
Without a proper place to stay

In my country alone we now use:
Three times all the earth's resources
Can sustainably re-produce
Nature working for man's courses

Corporations pillage places
The aftermath of colonies
Spitting on the rightful faces
Of those there for centuries

Children dying daily in mines
For the cut diamonds on our rings
And slavery whilst is a crime
Happens everyday in fishing

Sweat shops paying pennies
To young girls considered the least
Our recycling in increase
Are shipped to landfills in the east

And as wars rage across nations
The wealthy just stuff their purse
By filling our gasoline stations
Leaving other's lives most cursed

All the westernization
Killing cultural nations
With constant mass consumption
And day to day temptations

Yes, the stake for sake of "progress"
Globalization trending tone
In the entire process
We're just more alone with our phone

There is a pro and con to this
One cannot say it's all bad
More talk and understanding is
Now umongst us to be had

There must be happy medium
For extremes often make for plight
Sticking like rubber shoes to gum
Creating modes of flight or fight

We can share a bit more
And just take a little less
Living life not just for
Our own comfortable distress

Hold the rich accountable
Stand together proud and tall
Make resources sharable
For no one should own it all


  • Rozina

    The gap between the rich and the poor is widening. A few multibillionaires own most of the world's riches. You are so right.

  • dusk arising

    I am no a believer in the christian god figure we were brainwashed with as youngsters but... if there was such a figure you can imagine he/she would be well pissed off with mankinds "progress" and leave us to our fate in destroying our environment.

    Such thoughts generated by your post today.

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