katie the naughty poet

You don't own me

you don't own me

but ill make you one of my many toys

say you don't own me

I'll play with your heart then move on to your brother


Don't tell me what to think

and I won't tell you what to say

when we both go out to play

remember I'm in charge my dear


I don't own you

but I know you'd like to be under my heel

say I don't own you

you be my joker and I your Harley-Quinn


I won't tell you what to do

so don't tell me what to feel

let's play together indoors

this time you're in charge, be Daddy...


  • orchidee

    Good write Katie.

  • woundedheart

    Great song origional is better but each to their own as for own you kitty have you listened to the lyrics, "don't tie me down" are you sure thought thats exactly what you did want lol 😈

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