Feathered moon

kitty the naughty poet

Shadowed face emerge
blissfully held between
feathered moon's white stream
silhouette of a person
unmoving in yesterday's unspoken sins
craving sparkles sensual touch
flickering lights burning sun
servicing the new days dawn
leaning forever into tomorrow
forgetting about today
leaving statued moments
alone in solitude...

His fingers
soft as angels breath,
traced her sensual outline
against the midnight moon.
As his lips in words unspoken,
kissed a million sultry soliloquy
upon her sensual silhouette.
His eyes photographed
every perfect curve and subtle indentation,
allowing the lens to linger
a little too long upon her gently
heaving breasts.
For here
night had fallen for her
as had he
fallen hard for her beauty.

Of lycanthrope and man,
when changing under the moon,
innocence will turn into
experience soon,
as, a baby crawls one minute,
a wolf will pounce the other,
having the skill
to both love and smother,
thus, when you spread your wings,
underneath the moon,
will your calm smooth breeze,
turn into a wild typhoon?

Wow!!!this is superlit

Peering into a feathered moon
She holds her head high
so no one can look into her eyes to see the pain she's cried
Her pain showing through
she believes will tarnish her beauty
but it's flowing in her words so truly
as she peers into a feathered moon

And like the moon
she had a side of her
so dark,that even the stars
couldn't shine on it;
She had a side of her
so cold, that even the sun
couldn't burn on it.
The pain in her eyes
was stolen by the sadness in her heart.
She was like the moon - the part
of her always hidden away.

The stars give birth the heavens bless...
The moon and sun within my chest...
The radiance of the galaxy stars...
From Jupiter, earth, saturn....Mars..
It's like a kiss the heavens expand...
Galaxies and planets is God's plan..
This fusion of the night we know...
Upon the heavens it did glow...BlK. Shp

feather's of reminisce
visiting as muse
in moonlight's alluring kiss
how shapely, that touch
delivered by your shadowed, lips
may I - seek, a return
in flesh - form
or is my plight, my doomed foresight
and hence
I already know, this be
but mirage trickery
of an aching heart's: addled mind...

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