Hi Dad

Hi Dad,

Happy Birthday! I just wanted to write to you and let you know I’m doing okay. I know you didn’t ask but i wanted you to know. My sister says you’ve been asking about me, but i can’t seem to find the time to message you, just like you haven’t found the time to talk or see me in a couple years. I know you’re busy but i just wanted to give you an update on life. 
Ive met an amazing guy, he treats me so good and we’re getting married this fall. I wanted to invite you but you’d probably say no like you did my graduation. Works been going great. I finally passed my state test so now I’m certified, moms really proud of me. Moms doing amazing by the way. She’s married to an amazing guy and he treats us just like his own. Him and my brother are walking me down the isle. We’re even having all the dogs in the wedding. I know you don’t like animals but they’re my life and that’s why I’ve devoted my job to helping animals. 
I don’t know if you’ve realized but my life path has gone the exact opposite of you. Everything you love i hate and everything you hate i became passionate about. 
I’ve always wanted to tell you how much of an impact you’ve made on me. You’ve pushed me to have a career, find someone who loves me for me, to someday be able to provide and love my children, and to never let an addiction destroy my life. Watching your life has made me always want a better one. 
I know my sisters were always your favorite because they were just like you and i was like mom, but that was the best thing for me. I don’t see anything of you in me anymore. I use to when i was younger because i wanted to see you in me hoping you’d accept me but you never did. 
But i guess i just wanted to tell you that I’m good and you don’t have to ask sister anymore, thanks for never saying happy birthday, congratulations, And i love you because I’m doing good without.

Happy Birthday dad,

- You’re youngest daughter


  • Anna Colette

    Sometimes it's best to just get things out. Even if you write this letter and burn it or store it away, you never have to show him. It helps with closure and moving on.

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