Anna Colette


Ever since I was a young child, 

I did not like the dark. 

It started as the simple childhood imaginations -

Crocodiles under the bed, 

Spiders crawling up my walls,

Monsters in the closet and dark corners. 


The Monsters became real 

And each night, 

When he quietly crept through the curtain doorway 

He would bring all the Monsters and my own personal gate of hell,

They followed him and clung to my fear like leeches 

They silently screamed inside my head and refused to let up. 


Almost two years later, 

I still imagine those Monsters that once took over -

I cannot sleep with my bed in the middle of the room

I cannot sleep without the weight of blankets 

I cannot sleep in complete darkness

Or I'll be up till the sun arises, having a silent panic attack until tiredness sweeps me of my feet and finally takes me in.

The darkness once overtook me

 And deep down, I am still afraid of being consumed by it 

But this time I will put up my strongest defenses 

I will push the Monsters away

And I will fight my hardest to keep the light until my dying breath 

Darkness will not consume me again. 

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