Ever Wears

Put a little hope in here

Your hands are both cold and warm in there

You have a heart in your hands

Put a little hope in them


I really don't care about fear here

When I see so much hope for us there

There is too much space everywhere


For there never to be care

I have more miles to bare

There can't be anything fair


However, there is hope in the air

Which means there's time to spare

Mileage for fare


Wise and aware

I have hope in my mind

I have a mind I find


I feel the heart if for us to share

I mean for worlds out of here

I have no plaintive to wear


I'm at a place right here

Here now, and then there

Away from any other care,

or any other where

I have stood here too long

So that this is my song

Dance to the wine and drink up this last line

Until with me, you find

The end of our time

And the beginning of forever for beings of

hope that never wears 






  • Author: Dhanya (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 16th, 2022 01:21
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Dhanya

    Heart Shaped Poem:
    ( I can only publish one poem a day this site says, but it does not work that way. )
    I'm a heart shaped star
    and I'm not sorry for who I am
    I rock my life as a star should
    A heart shaped star knows this is only how it could
    A star made of money
    Can't buy you
    so there is more to see than you need to
    A heart shaped star figures out since it knows
    What all the hearts can't express because they are too much at rest
    A heart that moves is one that cannot be moved easily
    Like the sun where it shines
    Star of our lives
    A heart burns for you
    And a heart knows what's true
    Find in peace what you already knew
    The heart always finds it new
    A star shaped heart cannot break
    A star shaped heart that I and any other being can most certainly make
    With or without life's mistakes
    But it grows out of this
    out of nothing but bliss
    Be aware of my kiss
    to what you know could be your emptiness

    • Dhanya

      It is better if it would have said your LAST emptiness.

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