Anna Colette

He Stayed

He stayed, 

Oh My Lord 

He stayed... 

We hung out at my house,

Went for a walk to get air together

My younger brothers came running to us

Dad flipped out again and went for a drive...

My instincts took over, my brothers were all I saw

As I comforted them while we walked home.

He helped me make dinner for us 

He rubbed my back as I sat with my head in my hands at the table 

He held me without judging as I quietly cried and pushed my hands from my face so he could see me 

He was my comfort

And he stayed through the mess my father created. 


  • L. B. Mek

    simple immersive subtlety:
    showcased, in all its poetic beauty..
    thanks for sharing, a great read

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